My Firefox add-ons

Here’s a list of my Firefox add-ons.

Tab Mix Plus
This add-on let’s you customize how tabs are handled. Also it adds many new features to tabs. One of my favorite features is the “Undo Close tab”. It’s a real time saver when every once in a while you accidentally close tab that you still need.

This add-on adds some extra protection by automatically enabling/disabling JavaScript. If you are visiting some dubious sites, I highly recommend using this tool.

This add-on let’s you customize Google sites. Very handy and also can protect your privacy a bit more.

Google Toolbar
I’m using the “official” Google Toolbar. There’s also Googlebar Lite which I actually like better, but because the official one has good spell checker, I’m using it for now.

IE Tab
Basically, this add-on let’s you use IE inside Firefox. Very handy when you are visiting poorly written sites that only work with IE or if you visit Windows update. Also it’s a real time saver for web site developers.

Download Statusbar
I’ve never really liked the download dialog of Firefox, this add-on addresses that issue. It adds a small status bar that shows current downloads and also let’s you easily access them.

If you write web sites, this add-on is a must.

This is also aimed for web developers. It adds an eyedropper into the status bar. Handy when you edit CSS files and need a color value from bitmap.

That’s my add-ons. If you have some good recommendations, let me know. Finally a neat trick that let’s you run Firefox inside Firefox. Just type this into the address bar and hit Enter ;)


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hmm, i wonder if chrome://browser/content/browser.xul
would show userchrome edits, without needing browser restart (though otherwise can use userstyles extension)?

customizegoogle is nice. it’s based on userscripts (greasemonkey). i’d like to see more cross-breeding between userstyles, userscripts (userjs for opera) and proxo.

I’ve got customizegoogle installed for other people’s profiles (default)

other than proxo, all profiles have googlebarlite. and a bunch of bookmarklets for, edited specialized searches, etc.

javascript:Qr=document.getSelection();if(!Qr){void(Qr=prompt(‘Past%203%20Months%20Web%20google%20,enter’,”))};if(Qr)location.href=’’+escape(Qr) + ‘+softpedia+%7C+fileforum+%7C+snapfiles+%7C+majorgeeks++’

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