Progress notes and NAS

Well, I’m feeling better and ready to start work tomorrow. I’m still not sure how effective I can be but the new work schedule is helping a lot. Once I’ll get used to it, I’m sure these type of blocks can be avoided. Last week I was working with CubicViewer but didn’t get much done. Although, I was able to design the base structure of it’s plug-in engine, so it wasn’t complete waste of time. There’s still a lot to do and because CV is not on top of the priority list, it’s going to be some time before there’s anything to show.

Buffalo LinkStation Live (HS-DH500GL v2)

I bought Buffalo’s NAS device last week. I’ve been meaning to build a file server from my old 800Mhz machine but never got around on building the case for it. Also regular computer use quite a lot of power, so running it 24/7 shows on the electric bill. This NAS device is like a mini computer. It has 400Mhz Arm processor and 128Mb of RAM. The operating system is Linux. It’s power consumption is about 21 watts so it’s not going to be as big of an issue.

nas_3 nas_1 nas_2

By default it only supports the basic NAS functionality of being a simple file storage. However I have some more advanced features in mind like SVN server and BitTorrent client. To make those features available you have to do a bit of hacking. I installed FreeLink which is a custom firmware containing the latest stable Debian build. After that you can install pretty much anything on the box.

SSH connection to the box after FreeLink upgrade:
Fresh boot of FreeLink

Here’s a very good site that is dedicated on hacking Buffalo’s NAS devices. You can find FreeLink and many step by step instructions there.


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