Notes (week 29) – SVN Snapshot

Moving towards RC 3 which is scheduled for next Friday. This week I’ve done small changes here and there, fixed few bugs and added couple things. Runningwaterpro from the forum, requested to make CE open file/folder property sheet when you Alt + LeftDoubleClick over it. Because Alt + LeftClick is already in use, I had to use Alt + RightClick instead.
Also there are now options to make CE open new tab by default when you click a bookmark or folder in FolderPanel. When it’s used together with "Reuse already open tabs", it makes quite an interesting way of navigating the system :) .

Change Log

  • + Added "Always On Top" option in View menu.
  • + Alt+RightClick opens Property dialog now.
  • + Added #183, open "boorkmark & folder panel items" in new tab.
  • * Changed #185, Loop tabs.
  • * Made FileView to do actions on MouseUp instead MouseDown.
  • * Updated German translation.
  • * Updated Portuguese translation.
  • - Fixed #186, Doesn’t translate strings.
  • - Fixed #187, New Tab open issue.
  • - Fixed #181, Can’t access machine via IP address.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.1MB)
Zip (2.0MB)


Thanks for your continued work on CE!

Would you please consider adding an Undo option under the Edit menu?

I really miss this option as its hosed me quite a few times when moving files to the wrong place.

Thank you!


Undo feature is on my todo list. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do it (thanks to Windows :( ) so I think you’ll have to wait until we have our own copy manager in CE.


What’s the ETA on that?


I have no idea. Maybe it will be in 0.91, not sure yet. Once 0.90 final is out I’m going to make a proper roadmap and development schedule.


RC3 release confirmed? today?


RC3 will be released later today.

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