Notes (week 30) – 0.90 RC 3

Yet another "release candidate". I’m hoping this will be last one and next release is 0.90 final. To this release I added an option to make CE select previous folder when you go back in history or folder up. Other changes are bug fixes (or fix attempts). The "wrong icon bug" should be hopefully fixed now.


Change Log

  • Added option to make CE select previous folder.
  • Not using kernel notifications for remote drives anymore.
  • Fixed #7, Wrong file/folder icons.
  • Fixed #191, Doesn’t change folder.
  • Fixed #197, EAccessViolation (needs testing).
  • Fixed #196, Exception in text editor.
  • Fixed #188, Bug with "Open in new tab by default"

CubicExplorer 0.90 RC 3 (
Installer (2.1MB)
Zip (2.0MB)


Keep up the ever brilliant work. Absolutely love it :)


this 0.90 RC3 brings CE to another level.

a lot of progress has been done since 0.80.

thumbs up!!!


are you releasing a new snapshot this weekend?

from the ToDo list i’ve seen you fixed some bugs


Yes, there will be a snapshot tomorrow. From now on I’ll add snapshots to the calendar also.


hi thankx to this great programe

i like this very much
previously i usa a no of programes like xyplorer,xplorer2,total commander,acelmon ans many no
and all of this i got two nice programes
1)cubic explorer 2)ultra explkorer
in the next releases iam excepting much better search option
is any possibilities to add other desktop search engines to cubic explorer
i got one better lightweigt deskto search engine fpom
Everything search engine
can we add this search to our cubic explorer


Thank you very much for the work put into this application! :D


very nice app


This is the application i was always looking for. It is really nice. The search engine is not very good but i hope this will be better, i dont know if you guys know the programm “EVERYTHING” get it here but this programm is very good for searching files on your pc. If everything would be on cubicexplorer then this would be the best app ever. Let us see may be the autor can get in touch with app everything so they can do a joinventure.

See ya.

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