Notes (week 32) – SVN Snapshot

Still no final release, instead yet another snapshot. This week wasn’t very productive but there was some progress. I made all folders work in the "Open new tab as" custom setting. Now you can use My Computer etc. in it. Also now when CE is in "Single Instance Only" mode, it becomes visible (and restored if minimized) when you try to launch another instance of CE.

Change log

  • Updated German translation.
  • Changed #217, Made all type of folders work as a custom start folder for new tabs.
  • Changed #220, Make CE visible when launched.
  • Fixed #210, Green menu items.
  • Fixed #216, Clone tab issue.
  • Fixed #218, Doesn’t remember view settings.
  • Fixed #219, "Reuse already open tabs" bug

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.1MB)
Zip (2.0MB)


i love brand new snapshots, they smell good like just baked bread!!!


In my opinion, you should provide to CubicExplorer some following funtions:
1. Dual Panel mode: Manipulate two folders simultaneously
2. Give a space between Cubic and Explorer


Wonderful !

Right what i was expecting, to completely replace Explorer. I’ve changed the default application for opening folders, and it’s nearby perfect.

When i use the taskbar for “My Documents” or else, it’s ok.
When i’m in explorer, it’s bringing me back to CE, it’s ok.
When i write a folder’s path in “Run…”, it’s ok.

But, for information:
If i use the taskbar for “My Computer”, it’s opening CE but not at the desktop’s.
If CE is behind other windows, it stays behind.
( I’m using the ‘Single instance’ option )

So, for me it’s adopted as default application,
and thanks a lot for your quality job.


hey Marko, any news from you in the last 2 weeks…


Loving how it’s coming along, man.

Looking forward to future updates.



Yeah, there’s some news. I’ll try to write some notes tomorrow.


I don’t know at what point it happened, but refreshing when I have connected network drives is _a lot_ faster. This is good news.


Eliminate the asterisk (*) in the search file mask at the end of the character string. To be consistent with windows search.

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