Postbox email client and static browser

I found (through Lifehacker) a program called Postbox. It’s an email client based on Thunderbird.

Until now I’ve been using Opera as my email client. I have used Thunderbird a lot but had to give it up because it kept asking for email passwords (very annoying!!!) even though I clicked on the remember button. For a while now, I’ve been using Opera as an email client and a “static” browser. By static browser I mean a web browser that lives in system tray and which I can show/hide with one keyboard button (Caps Lock in my case). That browser is used for quick access to sites like Google Reader and other regular sites I visit.

Few weeks ago I switched (due to compatibility issues) to Firefox based “static” browser. Basically I made my own Firefox edition called FirefoxPIM. It lives in system tray (thanks to TrayIt), and shows/hides with one keyboard button (thanks to AutoHotkey). Here’s how it looks:


So, now I’m trying Postbox as my email client instead of Opera. As it’s based on Thunderbird, it most likely has that same bug that made me switch client in the first place. However, it is very nice package and I absolutely love the UI. Also it has very nice indexing/search features. So until if/when that password bug appears and/or when it drives me nuts, I’ll be using this program as my email client.




Hi Marko,

I use thunderbird on Ubuntu and have no issues with saving password. Looked at postbox, it is a nice UI but will stick to thunderbird as I have no issues.

Regarding static browser, have you tried Maxthon (IE based). It has all the features you want and many more.


The password issue happens when there’s some problem in the network connection. I haven’t had any issues with Postbox, yet.

It’s quite a long time since I last tried Maxthon. Maybe I’ll give it a try.


Hmmm I haven’t had that issue with Postbox. It was probably fixed in a recent build. See if getting the latest beta helps:

I think Postbox is a huge improvement over Thunderbird. I actually think it is better than Outlook as well.


That issue happened only in Thunderbird. I haven’t experienced it in Postbox. I agree that Postbox is a huge improvement over Thunderbird. And with the new extension support, it only gets better.


Interesting :) I use Firefox as my second browser (will never leave Opera), but I cannot stand the interface. You setup is actually the first really nice FF I have seen! What theme / plugins do you use?

First I asked about your Windows theme, now this – I like your style, Marko :)


The theme used in that screenshot was AnyColor:

These days I use Chromifox theme:

Here’s list of the addons:
Adblock Plus
All-in-One Sidebar
Better GReader
Googlebar Lite
Grab and Drag
Hide Menubar
Secure Login
Tab Mix Plus

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