Notes (week 23) – Sessions are back

It’s been pretty productive week and I managed to make good progress. Most of the week went into rewriting the sessions support which was quite a big job. It’s now finished and I like it. I’ve never been happy with the old one so I made some changes. I added a session manager to make things more sane. Also there is now a history feature that let’s you go back to previous sessions.


I’ve also added BrowseZipFolders option into FileView’s and FolderPanel’s advanced settings. By enabling it you will be able to open ZIP files like folders inside CE. However, there are still some bugs left that I need to fix. For example, you have to use the right click menu to open files from inside ZIP, double click doesn’t work.

Anyway, I’m not yet sure what’s next week’s agenda. Maybe I’ll write DualView or QuickFilter. At least I’ll try to finish rearranging the todo list.

Change Log

  • Added new session support.
  • Added temporary fix for TabBar visibility issue.
  • Added BrowseZipFolders option for FileView and FolderPanel.
  • StatusBar now remembers it’s visibility.
  • Fixed Reuse Tabs option.
  • Fixed breadcrumb related crash.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.2MB)
Zip (2.5MB)


So far so good. Sessions working as expected. Thankyou Marko.


But … what I have to do to save no previous sessions? I don’t want to save my previous sesssion … or more correctly I want to have the possibility to select “save” or “not save” the previous sessions.



When last time Sessions were working, when I restarted CE it would come back to the same set of tabs I had open before closing it. Now I have to manually load it… Could that option of remembering tabs be brought back or could you point out where to find it if I am missing something?



Dear god, scratch my last comment, sorry about that, I didn’t see new startup options! Stupid me!


A completely different question: what Windows skin is it that you are using?? :)


Sessions works like a charm ;-) I was missing them last couple of builds. QuickFilter will be most useful if I can persuade you for the todo rearrangement ;-)
Great work!


I was planning to add that option but didn’t have time to include it in this build. I’ll add one for next build. Also there will be an option to set the maximum number of saved history sessions.

I’m using Opus OS style.


the “open in new tab by default” from the bookmarks menu which was overcoming “reuse already opened tabs” option has been fixed in this build.

thanks :P


Great piece of software!

One question :
In “search file”, when a file is found, is it possible to quickly navigate to the file location? Typically : Right click on the file and “open containing folder” could be a nice feature … if it doesn’t already exists …


Hello, CE has really a nice set of features and design.
But I miss a major feature that is what in fact makes Windows Explorer unusable. When accesing a died or slow network share, it get in non responding state (although CE at least repaints itself). Anyway, there is no way to cancel the current request (clicking on any other drive should be enough). I think (I don’t know if it is possible) that network access should be started in another thread that could be cancelled if the user feels slow response time. It would make the difference.
Kind regards


At the moment it’s only possible to open search results in Text Editor or QuickView with middle click (or Alt+Left Click). I’ll add a way to locate the file. Added in todo list (#322)

I completely agree. There should be a way to cancel slow request. I’ll see what it would take to add such a functionality. Added in todo list (#323).


Thank you ! I will then stop using XSearch (

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