Notes (week 24) – SVN snapshot

Here’s the notes, day early because I don’t have time for it tomorrow. It’s been busy week and I didn’t have time to make as much progress with CE as I was planning. My goal for this week was to implement DualView. However, I got stuck at the very beginning due to lack of inspiration. Basically, I’m not quite sure how the DualView should work. Should there be different tabs for each view or would it be better to just divide a single tab into two views? Or maybe those views could have their own tabs inside a single “main” tab. Not sure :?

Anyway, I did do some changes here and there. I added file extension column and toolbar buttons for sessions and bookmarks. Also there’s now advanced options to turn off the session history.


Change Log

  • Disabled exceptions on settings file creation.
  • Fixed Access Violation on Options panel.
  • Added Sessions toolbar button.
  • Added Bookmarks toolbar button.
  • Added option to disable session history.
  • Added option for session history count.
  • Breadcrumb now reactivates if needed.
  • Added Extension column.
  • Added Slovak translation.
  • Made CE more Vista compatible.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.2MB)
Zip (2.5MB)


Added Bookmarks toolbar button.

what does it mean?

it seems we had already that one


I added screenshot to the post to display how the button works. It’s basically the same bookmark menu that’s available in the main menu.


Pretty productive week, I’d say. Thanks Marko.

However, it would be great if the installation package remembers the previous settings that I had such as whether I wanted a shortcut to the desktop or the location of the shortcut in the main menu or the removal of my saved sessions in Vista. In addition, I am still experiencing the issue with the visibility of folders in the panel bar on first pass. Hope this was clear.


Holy crap! That’s over a year ago. Time sure flies. I’ll take a look at that issue for next build.

About the installer, you can manually replace the CubicExplorer.exe file from the ZIP archive instead of using the installer. Making the installer remember it’s settings would require writing some persistent settings in registry or some file. I’m highly against that.

I’m going to add a update function to CE which let’s you install new version easily within CE. That’s a function that could/should be included in 0.91. Added in roadmap


Cool Marko, I understand.


Thank you for the great program !!!

Very nice, works fine in XP, Vista e Seven !!!

i close the tab, the program exit, is this configuration problem? sorry my bad english


Great job man :) Everything’s working smooth … and all the bells and whistles of Vista are in too!



I’m really excited about dual view. I can understand the confusion about how to go about it. I was wondering how I would like it to work. The interface works so well the way it is. I really like the degree of customization.

I think my preference for dual view would be to have a separate tab for each view. If you only have one view open, it should look like it does today.

Another option would be to have a single tab bar where you can assign tabs to different views. You could have some kind of marker for the second view such as different colors or the view number after the icon in each tab.

I’m really pleased with Cubic Explorer and recommend it to everybody. Thanks for the good work.


Close CE when last tab is closed? It’s not possible at the moment but I’ll add an option for that.

I was also thinking that there could be some indicators used to mark which tab belongs to which view. It would probably be the most elegant way to go.


Thank you very much for this excellent program. I have been using windows explorer replacements for years and never settled on any. What I wanted was an intuitive, clean interface that just works and stumbled upon CE a few days back. Just love it and CE has now found a permanent place in my list of must have programs.

A couple of suggestions about dual view. I use dual views for folder synchronization and easy copying of multiple files across. My top beef with dual view implementations is that both views are linked to the same folder tree. So you click on one view and you lose your focus in the tree. At the same time 2 different folder trees look weird. What I would like and use is if the active view is linked to the folder tree. When the dual view is selected, the secondary view has a drop down navigation in which you can select the folder to load. The default folder to load in the secondary view can be either the same folder as the active view or a static configurable folder.


What do you think about “block application bar” option?


I’ll keep that in mind when I’ll implement the DualView.

Can you be more specific? Do you mean you would like to hide CE’s button from the Windows task bar?


>> Do you mean you would like to hide CE’s button from the Windows task bar?

No, I mean an option to avoid to move CE’s toolbars!


Ah, OK. I’m going to doing some work with toolbars and panels for the DualView, I’ll make sure to add such an option.

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