Notes (week 25) – Happy Midsummer!

Here’s a fresh snapshot. This week wasn’t too productive but I did get some things done. The biggest change is filtering with text patterns, you can find it in the Filters Panel. There’s currently 2 modes available, normal and strict. Normal mode filters out any file/folder that does not contain the specific text. Strict mode allows you to use * and ? wildcards to make more advanced filtering. At some point there will be also support for regular expressions.


Next week I’ll start to work with the DualView. I decided to use a simple tab indicator approach to make it. I received lots of great ideas and feedback from you guys about how it should be done. Thanks to everyone :) . I know that the upcoming DualView implementation will not satisfy everyone, I’m not even sure I like it. However, it’s a good starting point.

Happy Midsummer to everyone! Hyvää Juhannusta!


Change Log

  • Added text pattern filter.
  • Added option to close CE when last tab is closed.
  • DriveBar now uses Alt+LeftClick to open in new tab.
  • Updated Polish translation.
  • Fixed Lower/Upper case bug when renaming folders.
  • Removed "Load this session at startup" from Session Manager.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.2MB)
Zip (2.5MB)


the new filter feature rocks!!! :twisted:

thanks for fixing the upper/lower case foldername bug :mrgreen:


What about skinning support? I’d rather have that unique feature than the dual-pane feature which every other 3rd party explorer has.


You can already create your own skins. Here’s an editor for that:

At the moment more advanced skinning needs to be done with Delphi and compiled in to CE. I’m not sure when I or Robert (the guy who codes the components I use for UI) will add more advanced skinning option to external skins. However, I do have plans to add support for custom icons pretty soon.


at the moment i prefer new features and bugfixes rather than aestetichal improvements


my apologies…i’ll take a look at this TreeDB thing…


is there a way to replace the default explorer with cubic explorer so that if i click on a shortcut it would open in cubic?


There is information on how to do that in the wiki:


I think it’s perfection already. I’d just like to be able to adjust thumbnail size. Hope there’ll be an option to disable dualview, and that there won’t be a hit in speed for this feature..

And what good is dualview, anyway? Just open two windows :roll:


– Hmm, I thought I already added an option to customize view sizes. Oh well, I’ll add that in my todo list.

– There’s only going to be one new toolbar button added in the default layout (it can be removed with customizer). With that button you can easily enable/disable DualView. And as with any feature in CE, if you don’t use it, it won’t use any system resources. So no worries ;)


What do you think about allowing user to change tab label name?


That’s on todo list. Not sure when it will be available though.


any snapshot this week?


No snapshot this week. I’ll write notes about it later today.


Hey Marko: Reporting a minor inconvenience… In Vista, when you start a file copy operation, CE becomes shaded out and is rendered inoperable till the copy finishes – effectively preventing multiple copy-paste operations. Any workaround to this?

Also relating to comment #7 in this post, does the trick mentioned there make Win + E open up CE instead of Win E?



– Not sure what causes that issue in Vista. I’ll take a look at it.

– No those won’t work with Win + E. At the moment you’ll have to use AutoHotkeys or similar to make that happen. Just add the following line into the script file:

#e::Run "C:Program FilesCubicExplorerCubicExplorer.exe


Setting of Default Explorer is not Working in Vista as Described in the Wiki page.
Both the .reg File & Control Panel Option is not Working

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