Notes (week 26) – R.I.P. Mr.Cat

It’s been a bit sad week for me. On Monday I had to put my cat (the unofficial mascot of CubicReality) to sleep. He was about 18 years old and had been living with me for 17 years. For the past few weeks he had been sick and was in pain so there was no reason to prolong the inevitable. It’s a tuff decision to make as some of you may know. After all, he was an equal family member.


Obviously that has affected on the progress of CE since my mind is somewhere else. However, I have managed to create the foundation for DualView. Next step is to implement it in CE. I’m hoping to get that done within next week. There will be a toolbar between panes (you will be able to hide it). Also there will be switch for horizontal and vertical panes.

DualView-development DualView-development-2


I lost a beloved cat of 19 years old a couple of years ago. My thoughts are with you. Try to remember the good times.

Once again I am excited to try out the dualview. Will the center button deal with the two panes? Ie copy down, move down etc? If they existed, and shortcut keys were added, it might help the commander style user. Ie make a selection in the “parent” window and press a shortuct to move/copy.


Yes, that’s what I was thinking. One pane is the source and other is destination. There will be a bunch of new DualView related actions (in the customizer) that can be added into the center toolbar (or any other toolbar). With those you will be able to do things like copy,move,syncronize etc. from source to destination pane.


Oi man, I’m so sorry to hear about this. My cat has been with me for a couple of years and I know I’ll cry a lot when she passes away. But you have to be strong, whereever she is, she’s probably having a much better time than you are having ^_^

Take care and I hope you can get better as soon as possible.


Sorry to hear about your loss.

The DualView looks promising. Looking forward to it very much.


Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I have an orange tabby that looks just like yours. He’s the joy of my life. My thoughts are with you.



sorry 4 your cat :cry:


Sorry for your beloved pet…


Sorry to hear about your loss. :( My thoughts are with you too.


Please, accept my condolence. I have a two cats six years old and they are famous persons, I love them. Your decision must be hardest one, I would not to make a similar in my life.




My name is Jignesh and I am a big fan of your Cubic Explorer. I felt very sad when I rad that your beloved Cat has been expired because I have lost more than five cats in very short time(within four years) murdered by dogs. They ware like child of our family and most disappointing thing was that they all were kittens.

But I only can pray for all those cute flowers who blooms for very short time and can leave their loving memories in our life.



Thank you everyone.


sorry to hear it
take care!


Just lost a pet/family member myself. Sorry to hear it.


Very sorry to read about the loss of your beloved cat. Pets become members of the family. Certainly understandable that you have to take some time to grieve. While I haven’t had to put a pet to sleep, I did have to give up my miniature poodle because my wife’s health became so poor that we could no longer have the dog at home. That was a very difficult decision for my wife and me. My wife passed away a few months later, so having to give up the dog is inseparably linked with her death. Fortunately I’ve remarried since that time and now have a little Bishon Frise who is again a member of our family.


I am very sorry to hear about your loss. My wife and I had a similar experience earlier this year when we lost our cat Guinevere under similar circumstances. She was 15 years old and just had a strange thing happen and you could tell she was in pain. She was a part of our family and is missed as I am sure yours is. However as time continues on we can finally remember her when she was a happy cat which can bring a smile.


I am very sorry about your loss. They are, indeed, family members. I just lost my 15 year old dearest friend, Frankie, a Border Collie who I loved like a child.

My most sincere condolescences to you.



Very sorry to hear about your poor Pussy Cat, he was a beautiful Puss. Ours passed away 2 years ago nearly and we still miss her terribly.

Take the time to grieve, it does get better… honest!


I just discovered your site and just learning of your terrible loss.
Remembering the good times is nice but, no matter how hard you try,
Mr. Cat is on your mind. Time heals all sooner or later so it goes but,
I know from experience that it actually took 4 yrs. for me to really get
back to my old self.
I functioned every day but, my beloved pet was right there with me and
I just couldn’t put it aside as of yet. This was in 1996.
I just had a devastating loss in June, this year. My dog, who loved me in no
uncertain terms and I loved him back so dearly passed away and not a day
goes by that I don’t cry. I miss him SOOOOO much!

Good luck in your endeavors,

don card

hi marko

you might not see thsi seeing this post is fairly old

but anyway, our sincere condolences re Mr Cat. our oldest is alos 18 and has been been having probs with arthritis and sim. but still gettinga around. and it was only just a couple of years aho he was beating up dogs who had the cheek to come on to his territory :-)

hope you have got another from pound. they all need a slave you know :-)

kindest regards

don & thelma

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