Notes (week 33) – SVN Snapshot

Nice progress this week, however DualView is not yet available in this build. I made some changes to the layout system which took quite a lot of time. Yesterday I started to work with DualView but got stuck because I didn’t have clear vision on how I should make it happen. So far all pages (FileView, TextEditor, FileSearch and QuickView) have been “living” in tabs. That made things difficult when you need to access 2 pages at the same time. So I went to sleep thinking about it and in the morning woke up with an idea on how to solve that problem.

Basically I will be (actually I already wrote most of it today) creating a generic way to control pages. This should be quite flexible system which means it won’t be limited to just DualView. With it, there can be unlimited number of panes and other elements grouped into one view. It’ll be available next week.

About today’s snapshot, I added options to control what get’s saved with different tab types. Until now, everything was saved which made it annoying to customize the UI because you would have to do the same changes to all tab types. I’ve also added options to enable/disable some threaded functions in the FileView. All these can be found in Option dialog’s Advanced page. Also there is a new theme shipping called Shine thanks to badloginname from the forum.


Change Log

  • Added RememberInnerToolbarLayout, RememberOuterToolbarLayout, RememberPanelLayout  Options.
  • Added ThreadedDetails, ThreadedEnumeration, ThreadedImages options.
  • Added theme Shine.
  • Updated 3rd party components code.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.2MB)
Zip (2.5MB)


First comment!
In your face Tommy! :twisted: :mrgreen:


thanks Marko :mrgreen:

opticyclic, you will pay for that… :evil:


plese, would you explain a little bit more in detail what:

– RememberInnerToolbarLayout,
– RememberOuterToolbarLayout,
– RememberPanelLayout Options.
– ThreadedDetails,
– ThreadedEnumeration,
– ThreadedImages options.

are supposed to do when set to true?

if is diffucult to explain it by words, use a screenshot of those new features enabled


yes, that would be great.
i can’t really figure out what they do.


Remembers positions of toolbars that are docked in the outer zone. Outer toolbars are the ones that are near to the window border. Also Tabs and statusbar are included in here. For example in the default layout that ships with CE, Navigation and View toolbars are docked in the outer zone.

Remembers positions of toolbars that are docked in the inner zone. Inner toolbars are the ones that are inside tab page and panels. For example in the default layout that ships with CE, Address Bar and Drives toolbars are docked in the inner zone.

Remembers panel positions.

If set to true, file icons are retrieved in background (separate thread). Benefit of this is that slow icons wont stop the window from working. However, this might be a bit slower. You can see the difference in folder with many files. Try both settings and scroll down the file list to see the difference.

If set to true, folder content is retrieved in background. Again, the benefit of this is that the window keeps working even if there’s some slow items.

If set to true, file/folder details (in Detailed view mode) are retrieved in background. Again, the benefit of this is that the window keeps working even if there’s some slow items.

Hope this helped.


that should help.


Added the explanations to the wiki.



thanks frp info about Threaded options.

i set them all to true and i like the result


Minor quibbles.

The bug where a column re-size is not remembered is back in this version. I removed and re-installed from scratch just to be sure.

I still have the issue where start minimized leaves a little box on the bottom left. Open and minimize to get around this.

If you go back a directory or two, the breadcrumbs highlights where you are, but still shows where you were. Is this as designed, or a bug?

Thanks. I have been installing each SVN to help with testing.



– Yeah, I noticed the column re-size bug. I’ll fix it.
– I’ll make the minimizing issue a high priority item. I also get the little box but when I open it, all I see is a blank window.
– Yes, the breadcrumb “history” is by design.


Has there been any regression in handling network drives?
It might just be perception, but this snapshot seems slower and more likely to crash when loading Network drives from the bookmarks.


red alert!

there’s some terrible spam at the forums!
Remove it and ban JamesXU!


Spam removed – I for once used my Global Mod. rights. Sorry for interfering, Marko, but this one was extremely bad and had to be removed immediately. I couldn’t find a way to ban the user, but please do that asap. If there is any way I can do that in the future (and of course with your permission!), tell me how!


In this snapshot the ThreadedImages and ThreadedEnumeration are set to FALSE by default. You could try to set them TRUE, it might make a difference.

@Steinsk, @badloginname
Cheers. I banned that user.


Marko, my “weekend new snapshot obsession” is driving me crazy…. 8O 8O 8O


Sorry, no snapshot this week. Haven’t had much time to work with CE this week. I’ll write notes about it later today or tomorrow.


ok, sorry for being a little pushy!!! :lol:


Marko,Can you add a searchbar which can search files in current directory and its subdirectories? Just like Vista searchbar.


Yes, something like that is planned.

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