Notes (week 5) – Only few changes

I had a bit of a relapse this week, seems like I was pushing too hard. This meant I had to take it easy with the work. I did make progress with the Version Manager but wasn’t able to finish it for this weeks snapshot. I did however made InfoBar auto refresh when renaming etc. Also by default, folders are now included in search results. You can control this from Attributes tab:


Change Log

  • Updated Hebrew translation.
  • Removed border around Drop Stack.
  • InfoBar now refreshes on rename etc.
  • File Search now includes folders to results by default.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.3MB)
Zip (2.6MB)


the “add folders to search results” is a major improvement for me. thanks


And me. Thanks!


Nice updates in the past weeks.
It’s great to see some progress again.

Don’t stress yourselft too much, if you don’t feel compfortable with it. Little progress is still much appreciated.

I’m looking forward to see the update feature in action.


I like it, but since the introduction of the infobar, switching between tabs is a pain. CE lags and I have to wait for the updated view. (and gives me a sandclock/beachball.)


found some bugs here:
– any time I open the ‘Computer’-View (which shows my harddrives and dvd-drives, etc…), it takes CE about 4 seconds to open it. I have always used CE with the Computer view as default folder for new tabs, but sinde the last few snapshots it started to do this. it’s very annoying.

– in filmstrip-viewmode occasionally a double-click on a folder is mistaken as a double click on the background, which causes CE to go one folder up.


I can’t confirm neither the behavior Michael nor badloginnmae report – so it seems to be dependent on system, config, … –> something for the forum.

But indeed, I agree with the above: Great to see slow but steady progress! From where I came from (another replacement with many more features), the clean appearance is such a great that I enjoy everytime CE comes up!



Not sure what the fixes to search did but it has certainly stopped it crashing. So well done.

However, in last week’s version searching was a factor of about 10 faster (both for filenames and file content). Shame the stability fix had such a negative impact on search speed.

It was way faster than FreeCommander’s search last week, now it’s nowhere near as fast.

Any hope you can get the speed back without introducting instability?


Oh, and not wishing to moan, as I love the Cubic interface. Much nicer than the competitors and the functionality is up there too, considering it’s still a work in progress.

But I find it a real pain when you’re in the search panel that the directory tree still appears on the left (if you had it turned on). The tree is useless, as you can’t do anything with it when a search panel is open. So search should go full screen if possible, as I’ve wasted time trawling through the tree to the directory I want only to belatedly realise that I’ve wasted my time as the search panel is present.

But really, this is only a minor gripe. It’s already my favourite explorer replacement. Keep up the good work.


I’ve also noticed some slowness, not sure what’s causing it. I’ll investigate.

For some unknown reason, CE indeed is slow on My Computer view and painfully slow on network drives. I’ll try to fix it.

– I haven’t done any benchmarking but I’m sure there are many ways the search could be optimized for more speed. The stability fixes shouldn’t slow things too much.

– The tree is visible because you can use it to change the search Location. Also bookmarks do the same when search tab is active.

However, if you’d like to hide those panels, go to Advanced settings and enable FileSearch->RememberPanelLayout. After that, open search tab and close all panels you like. CE will remember what panels are visible when RememberPanelLayout is set to true.

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