Notes (weeks 5-6) – Filter enhancements

Good progress on CubicCore/CE 2.0. I’ve started to build the base structure for the application itself. ServiceHost and two services, MessageHub and Jobs (threaded tasks) are ready. I still need to go over the code and figure out if there are some limitations in the design. After that I’ll move on to Components and Setting storage. It’s been really fun to code this stuff, enjoying every minute.

There’s some progress in CE 1.0 too. Mainly I rewrote some of the filtering stuff. Now it updates the extension list and file counts when using text filter. I also fixed few bugs and added confirmation prompt on Close if there’s any dialogs found. Oh, and there’s now a “Restore Default Layout” button in Help menu and Options -> Display. It only restores toolbar and panel positions, it does not restore toolbar buttons.

Closing promptRestore Default Layout

Last week I made it so that CE changes the CurrentDirectory to active folder. This caused a “Folder in use” problem when trying to delete a folder that is open in CE. There’s now an advanced option MainForm -> ChangeCurrentDirVar to let you control this behaviour. It’s disabled by default. If you don’t need it or don’t know what I’m talking about, just leave it like that.

Change Log

  • Added "OpenInNewTab" advanced option for DriveBar.
  • Added icon for InfoBar.
  • Added confirmation prompt if open dialogs are found when quitting CE.
  • Added "Restore Default Layout" button to Help menu and Options->Display.
  • Added "New Folder" to the background menu.
  • Added advanced option MainForm -> ChangeCurrentDirVar.
  • Added Exclude to Filters menu.
  • Added Exclude and Strict filter buttons to Customizer.
  • Fixed background text bug when file/folder is added in empty folder.
  • Filter list now updated file counts when text filter is used.
  • Changed Text editor default title from "Untitled" to "New text file".
  • Auto scrolls now after paste.
  • Pressing Enter or selecting "Open in new tab" from context menu will now open multiple folders.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Luciano Sturaro).
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks to sergus).

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.9MB)
Portable (3.4MB)


Good work here.
Where can we expect to see/test CE2 ?


Hard to say. My goal is to “finish” it by the end of this year. At the moment however it’s too early to give any estimates on when the first release will be. It’s still at command line level so I didn’t bother with screenshots. But when there’s actually something to see/play around with, I’ll post it here.


See, that’s why I love this program! Ask ye shall recieve… :lol: :lol: we get regular updates for bugfixes and requests added nice one Marko thanks for sorting the drive bar :)

Can’t wait for CE 2.0 :)


nice infobar button :D


Nice work Marko! Lots of good additions. Thanks again for all of your effort.



Thanks for your great work so far! I’ve been using CE for several years now and I’m really interested in your progress regarding cross-platform compatibility… :D That, and it would be nice to see the entire thing (including CubicCore, not just CE) as a fully-free (MPL?) software, too.

One thing I’ve noticed that’s bugging me (no pun intended) about the latest version is the closing prompt while CE is copying files. I haven’t worked extensively with the Windows API with respect to displaying the copy progress dialog, but surely there must be a way to “close” CE while keeping the file transfer in progress?

If the progress dialog requires a parent window handle, could you maybe hide the window (via ShowWindow) until the operation is finished, then destroy the window and exit the application?

However, the closing prompt might have a useful purpose… as of CE 0.95.1, still doesn’t ask me when I have multiple tabs open. Not really a big deal, but I’ve seen other tabbed applications exhibit this confirmation behavior, so I figured I’d mention it.

Just little suggestions. :) Keep up the great work!



– I haven’t yet decided how I’ll license CubicCore. Parts of it’s code will definitely be MPL licensed so other developers can use it. But there might be some parts that require paid license if used in commercial applications.

– It’s possible to hide CE and let file operations finish before terminating the process. However, it might cause ghost processes that are not terminated. As far as I know, there isn’t any reliable way to determine if file operation is running. Currently CE shows a prompt if it finds any type of dialog window. Although, that’s little hackish too.

The proper solution I’ve been planning is to separate file operations in another process. That would also protect against crashes.

– Honestly, I’ve never even thought about adding prompt for closing multiple tabs. I know other programs use that and it’s one of the first things I turn off, which is probably why it didn’t occur to me that some might like to have such a prompt :). I’ll add such option at some point.

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