Notes (week 15) – New QuickView

Phew, finally the new QuickView is ready. Or well, it’s not ready but it’s usable. I wasn’t planning on spending so much time with this but it turned out to be more complicated job than I initially thought (as usual). However, I’m quite happy how it turned out. Also I learned a lot on the road and wrote some reusable code that will be helpful in the future.

Little bit about how the QuickView works. The QuickView panel will show a file preview (thumbnail and information) when you select a file (or folder). When you click on that preview, the file will be opened in a viewer that will let you pan/zoom images, play videos or edit text (the text editor is still a work in progress). QuickView tab will open the file directly in a viewer.

There is a Filelist that will automatically find all supported files from current folder. If you want to play a slideshow of those files, make sure to change the loop mode to “Loop Filelist”. At the moment all supported files will be added in the Filelist, including text files. I’ll add some way to filter that list.

There’s also a Playlist where you can drag and drop files. I’ll create more ways to add files there including the possibility to load/save playlists. Again, if you want to automatically play all files from the Playlist, choose the “Loop Playlist” option as a loop mode.

QuickView's filelistQuickView's loopmode

By right clicking and selecting “Detach to Window”, you can open the QuickView in a separate window. At the moment if you have video open, you’ll need to right click over the toolbar to show that popup. I’ll fix that.

Detach QuickView

Notice, the QuickView is running but it’s still a work in progress, so there are bugs and missing features in it. I’ll keep tweaking it next week. After it’s finished, I’ll start a bug hunt/feature request tour. I’ll try to (finally) fix/implement those long standing bugs/features (like the "text editor settings not saving" and "per folder settings"). All these changes will be part of version 0.96 to which I moved with this snapshot.

Change Log

  • Added new QuickView.
  • Added Save As button to translator.
  • Updated Polish translation (thanks to Seethi).
  • Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to Mezei Zoltan).
  • Updated Italian translation (thanks to Folgore101).
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB).
  • Updated Swedish translation (thanks to eson).

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (3.0MB)
Portable (3.5MB)


Hi Marko,

… congratulations, that came out very nice! Great stuff!
How do I save an edited text file?



… just saw in the forum: saving not yet possible. Never mind; was just curious


Hi Marko!

Great job, very professional…i suggest reeplace quick view panel (to view images) with this viewer, and think that is good idea implements view file (plain format) in the quick view panel, greetings.


Nice work Marko :) does it rely on system installed codecs? can’t wait for text editor to be sorted


Hi Marko

I have a question, why I can’t see the 7-Zip items in CubicExplorer shell context menu when I right click any file or folder?


t7yang: this is because CubicExplorer is a 32-bit application and you probably have the 64-bit version of 7-Zip installed.
There isn’t much you can do apart from install the 32-bit version of 7-zip or just use the “Open With” option in the context menu.

Apparently it is on the todo list to fix this – either with a 64-bit launcher or with a 64-bit version of CE.
However, it has been outstanding for a while :(


hi Marko. nice QuickView.

hovewer I suggest now to focus on longstanding weak-points of CE like the slow network performance.

accessing to shared network folders and operations on such files is much slower than WE


By default, it’s using WMP as the engine for video and audio. Currently it’s also possible to use DirectShow (can be changed from advanced settings) which uses installed codecs like ffdshow. Support for VLC is coming.

Yeah, that’s next. I’ll redo the whole item system which hopefully fixes the slowness, refresh issues, per folder settings etc.

But before that, I’ll finish up things with the QuickView.


Hi Marko.Nice work.

I have two suggestions:

1.Address bar can use mouse right click;
2.Tabs bar can select display position(Top or Bottom)

btw,I’m waiting for your 64-bit version.


how do I get flv thumbnail to show u and play? Google says I need a plugin

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