Notes (weeks 16-17) – New Text Editor

So, I rewrote the text editor. Or to be precise, I replaced it with QuickView and a text editor plugin. It’s not very big change to the old editor but it finally saves those editor settings. Also I redesigned the find/replace function. It’s now smaller and more simple to use.


I changed the highlighters to be little more colorful. Also there’s a new multi highlighter for HTML that supports inline sections for PHP, CSS and JS. The colors used are my personal preferences so they might not fit everyone’s taste. I am planning to add a customizer at some point for the highlighters so you can tweak the colors yourself.

For the file preview you see in QuickView panel when selecting a file, I added a text thumbnail for unknown files. It shows the content of any file that doesn’t have regular thumbnail. It’s not very pretty looking at the moment but I’ll try to work on that.


Change Log

  • Rewrote text editor.
  • Added file preview for text files.
  • Added FontSize to Options->Advanced->Tabs.
  • Dragging file/folder to tab bar will now open a new tab.
  • QuickView video/audio player now moves to click position.
  • Old file previews should be now disregarded properly.
  • QuickView tab now closes on Detach.
  • Fixed startup crash when CubicExplorer.exe is located in Unicode path.
  • Fixed translation issues.
  • Added "Paint It Black" theme (thanks to PirateMonkey)
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB).
  • Updated Slovak translation (thanks to Sepp Winkler).
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks to lzsaver).
  • Updated Swedish translation (thanks to eson).

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (3.1MB)
Portable (3.6MB)


The portable version is edition :(


Will we be able to make our own quickview plugins?


Thank you so much for the text editor changes! Awesome work!


D’oh! Sorry about that, I forgot to upload the files. They are now updated.

Eventually yes. At the moment it’s not possible to install external plugins but it’s something I’m working on.


Yay! Do you plan to make CE default editor? And also add clickable links for web/email?

Excellent so glad can save settings for TE now thanks Marko :)


Truly amazing! Stefan


It should have been possible to open links with Ctrl+Click but I forgot to enable it. It’s working in next snapshot.


Anyone having Update troubles? Clicking on the Toolbar button to update and keep getting No New Updates message!


Oh just noticed your comment Marko! Thanks, could you add an option to simply single click links please?


d/l update manually and the Tab labels are black instead of coloured according to theme?


Great job the new text editor, i like it!!!!!!!, i found a bug in the quickview panel, i select a file (picture, text, etc) and this panel show a preview view, but i back in the history and the panel don’t delete the preview view, greetings.


Also, I changed the TE font to Corbel 11pt and it looks l i k e t h i s when shown in TE. Other fonts also have this appearance.


– Seems to update fine here.

– Yeah, I added an option to open links with single click.

– I’ll fix the text color bug for next snapshot. It broke when I added the FontSize option for tabs.

– Unfortunately the component I’m using is designed as code editor and is meant to be used with monospaced fonts. That means every character is the same width. There’s nothing I can do to fix this at the moment.

However, I have been planning to add another editor component for regular text files. It would show all fonts properly and would support styles (bold, italic, underline…etc.)

Yeah, I guess it should clear on folder change. I’ll make it so.


Thanks Marko…


For some reason SVN had been unticked!
Thanks for adding single click.
I thought the Tab colour problem would be caused by the additional setting.
Look forward to the font changes thanks for that too :)



Thank you for your continued work on Cubic Explorer!

I have a feature request:

Is it possible to set “ARRANGE BY” for individual tabs?

I have a folder i’d like to sort by DATE and another folder i’d like to sort by TYPE. But currently i’m not able to find a way to do so.


Unfortunately at the moment it’s not possible to have per folder settings. However, it’s high on my todo list and will be implemented soon.


I just updated to and the “Paint It Black” theme was not included. Are themes not downloaded when using the Version Manager?


In those updates, only changed files are included. Because that theme was already added in version, it wasn’t included in Unfortunately the updater isn’t smart enough to go back versions and check that all files are up to date.

This is a known issue that I’ve been thinking about. I’ll probably start to include all files in the updates, even if they haven’t changed from last version.

As a tip, you can use the Version Manager to install just the theme. Click “Use this version” for In the update dialog, uncheck CubicExplorer.exe and Locale folder.

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