Notes (weeks 18-19) – Per folder settings and Workspace

It’s been quite random two weeks. It’s probably the spring that makes it difficult to concentrate. Last week I started to work with the plugin scheme. It’s part of the CubicCore project so I didn’t hurry with it. Lot’s of time went in research to find out what is the best way to do things so it works cross platform and cross language. There’s still a lot to learn but I managed to write some code that can be implemented in CE. I didn’t have time to implement it yet, maybe next week.

For the past few days I’ve done lot’s of random changes. There’s now a Workspace panel which basically is another FileView. Until we have a proper dual/multi pane support, this panel can be used. I wrote it just yesterday so there is very little testing done, let me know if you find bugs or have ideas for improvement.


I also added support for per folder settings. It’s part of the component set I’m using so I don’t if it has some performance penalties. It’s disabled by default but you can enable it from Options -> Display -> FileView -> Use per folder settings. All those settings are stored in a perfolder.dat file located in the settings folder. Let me know how it works.

Oh, and you can now access bookmarks by right clicking the Tray Icon.

Per folder settingsTray icon bookmarks


Change Log (

  • Added Workspace panel.
  • Added Per folder settings to FileView.
  • Added Bookmarks to Tray icon.
  • Added Panels popup menu.
  • Added Make Visible action.
  • Added AlwaysSaveAsPIDL advanced option to Bookmarks.
  • It’s now possible to open links from the text editor.
  • Esc now closes Text Editor. It can be disabled from Advanced settings.
  • Unknown files are now opened in Text Editor by default.
  • Fixed focus and usability issues in Text editor’s Find and Replace.
  • Fixed issues in tab bar.
  • Fixed translation bugs.
  • Fixed Alt key bug in Options dialogs.
  • Fixed Alt+Click issue in FileView’s Single click mode.
  • Fixed memory leak and dialog visibility issue in Version Manager.
  • Fixed crashes in QuickView’s image viewer.
  • Fixed bug in text file preview.
  • Misc changes to fix possible crashes.
  • Fixed bug when closing detached QuickView.
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB).
  • Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Benok).
  • Updated Italian translation (thanks to Folgore101).


****** EDIT – 14.5.2012 ******
There was one nasty bug that caused all sort of weird behavior in last snapshot. So here’s an update with bunch of fixes and few new advanced settings.

Change Log (

  • Added advanced options HideComputerCrumb, HideDesktopCrumb and MaxCrumbSize for Breadcrumb.
  • Added OpenOnFilelistSelect and OpenOnPlaylistSelect advanced options to QuickView.
  • Added MainForm->Wow64Enabled advanced setting.
  • Double click on tray now works correctly.
  • Enter now opens file in QuickView’s file/playlist.
  • Text editor is now focused when file is opened.
  • Shift+Enter now searches backward in Text Editor.
  • Fixed "CE clicks mouse" bug.
  • Small speed improvement to Bookmarks.
  • Fixed bug that opens tab when Alt+Left dragging file/folder.
  • Fixed "Select first item" issue with Per folder settings.
  • Fixed tab closing issues.
  • Fixed drawing issues in text file preview.
  • Updated Polish translation (thanks to Seethi).

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (3.1MB)
Portable (3.6MB)


I don’t understand the Workspace concept? What is it for?
The per folder settings is cool, and it’s not slow. But I really need the per Tab Settings.


Wow! Amazing work Marko, thanks for adding another two of my requests. Just waiting for CE to update then I’ll let you know how it goes via the Forum. My I/net connection is a bit slow at times! Thanks again for the update.


Bookmarks toolbar has serious flickering when you try to click a bookmark category, making it unusable…

it seems a regression from 1528 snapshot which doesn’t show this issue…

tested on Vista 64 bit.


@Jlouro, additional workspace may simulate dual panel layout.


OK, I see it. I’ll fix it asap.



issue confirmed on XP 32bit as well.
it’s a nasty regression from 1528 which makes CE bookmark toolbar unusable


Same on Win7 64.


Aha that’s the issue I reported in the tray Bookmarks. I didn’t realise it was a global Bmks issue!


Yeah, it’s caused by the fix I added for the Alt key bug in Options dialog. Totally unrelated to bookmarks but for some reason it’s causing issues there.

It’s like playing Whac-A-Mole, fix one bug and another pops up.

Correction, it was caused by the “CE clicks mouse button” bug. In any case, it’s fixed now. I’ll release a small update later today.


I posted my idea on forum yesterday and it’s already done by now.
Great. Good job. Keep it up.



nice fix. finally I can take advantage of the new snapshot.

per folder settings is a long awaited feature and is finally here.

workplace is very promising. is its toolbar customizable or not?
it seems you cannot add button there.

I think it would be nice to “mirror” the same button configuration of the standard fileview toolbar



I’ve forgot to ask what the new DesktopCrumb option exactly do.



Thanks for CE, it’s my favorite folder browser for a while!

I have a problem with the latest build ( when CE is minimized, and you open folder(from desktop for example) CE stays in minimized state, with previous build ( all ok.


– That toolbar is not customizable at the moment. It’s a little tricky task to do because of the address box but I’ll see if I can do it.

– Mirroring the toolbar would be pretty big job because the toolbar and the button system isn’t designed for such a task.

– HideDesktopCrumb means that you won’t see the Desktop item in the breadcrumb. Same thing with the HideComputerCrumb. Notice, if you enable these options, make sure to change drive or restart CE to see the change.

Ah, I was working on that area and forgot to enable that. It’s fixed now and will be available in next snapshot.


I wasn’t expecting another update so quick! I wondered why there was talk of Breadcrumb Size when I couldn’t find the setting :oops:

Thanks for adding my requests re HideCrumbs, that with MaxSize makes a lot of difference – love it!

I never liked whack-a-mole so I know how you feel :D


Workspace rocks!!! can be improved but as it is gives already a boot in usability and productivity


Hi Marko,

Its been a while since I posted and I can see tons of features/changes added. Thanks a lot for your effort and time. Much appreciated!

Not sure if anyone has noticed but at times when I do refresh (F5) on a tab, CE just hangs and I have to kill it to open it again. Is happening regularly hence my post. I keep moving files from one tab to other and hit refresh.


Sorry! Haven’t mentioned my work environment. Its Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit.


Hi Marko!!

Nice feature the addicional panel, is a great change, but i have some bugs/suggestions to you about this new panel:

Save session not remember the path to Workspace panel
Address bar in the Workspace panel not show Breadcrumb yet (reported i think :!:)
Address bar in the Workspace panel should be a clone of main address bar
Quick view panel not show a preview view from selected file in the Workspace panel
Workspace panel should show the info bar too



Thanks for “Per folder settings”.

And regarding this feature – Is there the possibility to make some settings and then something like “Apply to ALL folders”? Only after that I would like to use “Per folder settings”.

I have tried to change the columns’ width and order in “settings.xml”, but CE changes them to some default settings. Is there the possibility to change these default settings?

All the best!


@DC – try editing advanced Settings for default columns settings. .Other perfect but give it a go. Please post in forum if further help required.


Of course I have tried!
Doesn’t work.


Works for me


There is some issue that causes hanging. It seems to be triggered in many different ways. I looking for the cause, hopefully we can fix it soon.

Noted, I’ll see what I can do.

The column settings are a mess at the moment, I’m trying to figure them out. At the moment there is no way to have global default settings when using PerFolderSettings.


If you’re going to have global defaults doesn’t that negate the need for per folder settings? :?

Turning off pfs will give global defaults?

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