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Let’s see, I spent last week in learning UML and sketching the new item system. I’ve tried to learn UML before but for some reason it’s difficult. The reason why it’s so difficult is probably because there aren’t many sources that explains it well. Maybe I should buy a book or something. Anyway, I found this site which explains the basics of different UML diagrams pretty well. I also (finally) found a nice program that let’s you draw diagrams easily but still has a powerful set of features, Visual Paradigm. It’s a commercial product but they offer a free community version that fits just fine for my needs.

Item system sketch

This week I did some work with CE. Quite random stuff, still having troubles in concentration. Biggest things added are Extension colors and Thumbnail caching. Extension colors mean that you can assign different font styles/colors to different file types.

Extension colors

Thumbnail caching saves thumbnails and loads them from the cache next time you visit the folder. It speeds up browsing quite a bit. By default, thumbnails are saved in the settings folder. You can change the location of that folder (StorageRepositoryFolder) or choose to save per folder (StorageType) from Advanced settings: FileView -> Thumbnails.

Remember thumbnailsThumbnail settings

I also added options to change the font and background color of the FileView. The FontSize setting is now removed so if you are using custom font size, you need to change it again. The line height is now calculated automatically depending on the font. Notice, this happens only if the height setting in Advanced -> FileView -> CellSizes is -1. I’ll have to add similar font and background color options to the panels also.

Fileview display settings

Oh and, the list of Advanced Settings is now fully collapsed at opening. There’s so many options that it began to be a bit difficult to find things in there. The category should expand on a single click but at the moment it doesn’t, I’ll see if I can fix that. In the mean while, you can use double click to expand/collapse categories, or just click on the + sign.

Change Log

  • Added Extension Color settings for FileView.
  • Added Thumbnail settings for FileView.
  • Added Font and Background color options for Fileview.
  • Added Zip browsing options to Fileview and Folders.
  • Added FullRowContextMenu advanced option to FileView.
  • Fixed SelectPreviousFolder bugs.
  • Fixed "QuickView crashes on file end" bug.
  • Fixed "CE won’t show when opening bookmark from tray" bug.
  • Fixed resize bug in FilmStrip view style.
  • Fixed "Selection and scroll position lost on Refresh".
  • Fixed possible crash on exit.
  • Fixed "Address bar won’t open unicode path" bug.
  • Fixed "Won’t restore when minimized" bug.
  • Updated Italian translation (thanks to Folgore101).
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB).
  • Updated Slovak translation (thanks to Sepp Winkler).

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (3.1MB)
Portable (3.6MB)


Once again great work Marko and thanks for these extras, I have a few ideas regarding these which I’ll post in the forum.

One criticism though – Please fix the Tab Font Colour bug so it matches theme! I realise you’ve a lot to think about but in my theme black on dark grey is difficult to read. Thank you.


In extension colors – click “add”, write something, then backspace everything and click enter. Crash handler shows up but CE is still working.

Everything else is great, good job.


great new features.

could you please add a proper “lock toolbars” icon in next snapshot?,1421.msg9049.html#msg9049


Heh, sorry about that. I have it written down next to my keyboard and there’s even a giant exclamation mark highlighting it. But somehow I kept forgetting it.

Anyway, it’s now fixed. Here’s the updated version so you don’t have to wait for next snapshot:

OK, thanks. I see there are some other bugs in that list too, I’ll fix them.

I’ll do that.


Thanks for that Marko :) :) :)


Thanks Marko for fix some bugs, the preview view to selected folder work fine, thanks again, preview view in the ppt files work fine too, is a great idea set a different style to certain types of files (by extension), but I suggest colorize only the type of extension too, for example to the file MyFile.txt cubicexplorer should only set color to .txt string, maybe too cubicexplorer should colored a particular file like another post by me in the forum, greetings and thanks again.

Ali Karimi

Thanks alot from your nice program
I am c# developer and enjoy from your project.
pardon me for writin here,register form is not working
some suggestions:
If possible add the common feature like (MoveTo,CopyTo,Display FolderSize, …)s
and for performance added to ThreadedImages:
cache popular icon (exe,zip,…)
and add feature for export and import settings
copy paste xml is easy but is chair [bookmarks.xml,layout.xml,sessions.xml,settings.xml]

Thanks alot again


@Ali Karimi
I’ll see what I can do.

Good point about caching icons. Doing that haven’t even cross my mind.


An avid FreeCommander.exe for years (see, methinks), I must remark upon my pleasant surprise– if not, rather astonishment for its quality– from my first impression to subsequent perusal of features, albeit overall use hours there are thus far relatively fractional in comparison to F/C.

Thus far, my ONLY hesitation to using it much more is my personal preference for a “dual pane” / vertical, side-by-side view. However, perusing the visual illustrations here (screen caps, whatev), i’m inclinded to believe the feature exists, at least as a dual-pane, horizontal view {ah-la Xplorer2, i believe… forgive my poor recollection for citing proper namesakes,etc.} not to mention, i suspect such a /standard/ feature is likely implemented– yet merely eludes me for such my limited knowledge, currently, this eary in my experience.

FINALLY– let me say– “problems with concentration”, you say? Damn– I thought I was the only one on the planet who struggles with aspirations in CompSci, yet suffers from sleep disorder, amongst other most frustrating impairments. Best of luck to you. Keep-on keeping-on, man; pushing through; fighting, and beating it.

Rock n roll, bro’a.
J.s. Author, NoviceNotes™ / ex-rockstar, see { enjoy! nyuk, nyuk! }



fyi Oracle Jdeveloper java IDE has all UML diagrams support. The IDE is completely free.


Yeah, Dual pane is still missing, even though it’s one of the most requested features. I have plans to add it.

Thanks for the tip. JDeveloper looks interesting, I’ll check it out.


Ah, UML. I remember being taught it in Computer Science before the actual programming classes, that went well…

Never heard of independent developers using it, thought it was only used in industry by “enterprise level developers”.

Enjoying CubicExplorer, very nice interface design.

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