Notes (weeks 29-34) – CubicCore assembly

I took a little break on the notes and from the forum. For the past month I’ve been writing the new UI/application framework I talked about in the last note. There has been nice progress and I already have some working code ready. Thanks to the proper planning/designing (talked in last note), writing the code has been pretty easy and all the pieces fall into their places by themselves. I just need to remember not to rush things and think before writing anything.

CubicCore Assembly IDE

The reason I have taken some distance to the forum is because it’s like a wrecking ball that breaks down the plans and ideas I have in my mind. If only our minds could be upgraded similar to computer, more RAM would be the first item on my shopping list. Currently all the variables needed for this UI system are loaded into my memory. Now, if I start to solve CE’s bugs and think about new features for it, my memory gets filled with unrelated information making it more difficult to work with the current project. Maybe someday it becomes possible to load/save the state of our minds, it sure would be a useful feature. But until that happens, I’ll need to keep my distance to distracting things and work with only one project at a time.

This thing I’m writing right now will be the base for CubicExplorer 2.0. There’s still a long way to go but it’s worth the journey. There’s really no point in using much time with the current CE version because it just delays the inevitable. CE 2.0 will be a complete rewrite, meaning most of the work I do with CE 1.0 becomes obsolete. However, there are some bugs that need to be fixed, and a new official version should be released.


I’ll be waiting here. I completely understand were you’re coming from. So many games (so many skyrim mods) make it very hard for me to focus on things that need to be done. I still do it somehow. Good luck with your progress. :D


plugins? or cubicexplorer will be rewrite using xml?, greetings.


good luck with the rewrite. See? I tried tellin ya :p I’ve been bit busy to help wit forum lately myself. Not that i got much help to give but i try :)


I tried to register for the forums but the registration isn’t working. Hope you don’t mind me posting here to mention this.


I was better at juggling multiple projects when I was younger. Maybe it’s just part of getting old, you become more simple :D.

There’s going to be an engine (CubicCore) that runs scripts and plugins. Those are controlled by XML files. CE 2.0 will be a collection of plugins, scripts and XML files running on CubicCore. It’s a bit similar to how Firefox works (less bloated though). To the user it gives unlimited power to customize how CE works.

No worries. All your help has been much appreciated.

Did you get an error message? I tried to register and it seems to work fine. The spambot verification question was little misleading so I changed it a bit.


oh great work marko!!!! :mrgreen:


Sounds like you’re going all out to make this a great improvement for CE, look forward to the all new CEv2 8)
I’ll get back to the forum soon as I can M :)


Thanks Marko, I’m signed up now. The old verification question was an IQ test – I failed


Looks like I even failed to add a smiley properly in the previous post. I’m gonna hand in my nerd badge and go home… :-)


Heh, that smiley thing needs some work too.

You just hover the mouse over a smiley and it shows the text you have to write to display that smiley, like you did on your last post.


i tried that with the ‘cool’ smiley above and it still didn’t work. Do we get free dunce caps when we hand our nerd badge in?


No you have to pay for the dunce cap. Just post your credit card number here and I’ll send you one that has “DUNCE” in big shiny letters :twisted:


I already like rgl. Welcome to the forums.
CE 1.0 is completely useable. I think you made huge strides in the last 6 months or so. Perfect time to put effort into 2.0. Like everyone I have my few wants, but agree that 2.0 is the path forward.
Remember architecture is something that we can contribute to without coding in Delphi, so let us know how we can help.


@ rgl
Ooh, Shiny! Ok here’s my number… damn where’d I put my card :roll:

@ firefox_97
Agreed, CE has been great to use and loads of work has been done the last 6 months which is very much appreciated.



I suggest promoting current snapshot to 0.96 final in the download page where latest “stable” releas is 0.95 from march which is 6 months old and inferior to current snapshot


I want to fix, or at least try to fix few bugs in the current snapshot. It seems to crash randomly. After that we can change it to new official release.


I think what you have done with CE is awesome and I appreciate your hard work.


Just wanted to say thank you for creating a Windows Explorer alternative.

Every release of windows seems like it’s designed to make it more difficult to get work done and increase ADD and waste time.

witching between 5 Windows Explorer windows by thumbnail is really difficult in Windows 7 – especially when you are constantly needing to switch to drag files into a FTP client to test a minor website update on multiple monitors.

I really like your software so far, and I hope it sticks to me like Notepad++. If so I’ll backlink you in my recommended software on my site. :) Cheers


Any updates? I’m hoping the new version allows for multiple panes similar to Q-Dir.


the development log shows some progress in the last week.

it seems Marko is preparing a new build soon.


You are correct. New snapshot is coming soon.

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