Notes (weeks 35-44) – SumatraPDF in QuickView

I took a bit of a break. It happens every year when autumn starts. I guess it takes few weeks or so for the body to get used to the idea that winter is coming. It’s colder and there’s less light which makes you dead tired, all the time. I’ve been boosting my serotonin and melatonin levels with eggs (they contain tryptophan) and it has helped a lot. Feeling good and energized, so I started to work again few weeks ago.

I don’t really remember why I started to work with SumatraPDF last week but it has resulted in almost complete rewrite of the QuickView system. The plan has been to finally add the plugin support I’ve meant to do for a long time. It’s pretty much finished already but it’s still in a prototype application. I need to move it from there to CE which takes about a week or so.

So before I start breaking the existing QuickView, I though I’d release a snapshot. It’s now possible to open PDF, XPS, CHM, CBR, CRZ and DjVu files in QuickView if SumatraPDF is installed to the system. SumatraPDF does support few other formats too but there’s some issue which makes it hang when used in CE so I disabled those formats.


You can download SumatraPDF from here:

TIP, If you want to use the portable version, just create sub folder named Plugins next to CubicExplorer.exe and put SumatraPDF.exe in there.

EDIT, it’s also possible to put SumatraPDF in the same folder where CubicExplorer is but there’s a bug in this snapshot which requires you to rename SumatraPDF.exe as Sumatra.PDF.exe before it works.


Change Log

  • Added support for SumatraPDF to QuickView.
  • Added Lock Panels options.
  • Added TrackChangesInMappedDrives advanced options in FileView and FolderTree.
  • Fixed random crashes when closing a tab.
  • Updated Spanish translation. (thanks to juanmanuel)
  • Updated Norwegian translation. (thanks to lars.h.eriksen)

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (3.1MB)
Portable (3.6MB)


i love the lock panel feature (i asked for it weeks ago)

now lock toolbars and lock panels need a proper icon…

i suggest a lock image with a “T” for lock toolbars and a “P” for panels….


Hi Marko, great job, i have portable edition of cubicexplorer, copy the sumatrapdf in same folder of cubicexplorer, double click hover any pdf and cubicexplorer show a message: sumatrapdf not found, please install it first!


Hi Marko, i send to you an email with screenshot of error in ce (integrate with sumatra pdf), greetings.


Any chance of setting a path to sumatra as I would use only the version offered at for the auto update feature.

Also how about a R-click option to open in QV? That way we don’t need the panel open constantly.

Thanks Marko for the update good work


I’ll do that.

Oops, there’s a typo in the code. If you rename SumatraPDF.exe to Sumatra.PDF.exe, it should work :D.

Alternative solution is to create a sub folder named Plugins, and copy SumatraPDF.exe in there.

Currently theres no way to change the sumatra path but it’s planned and will be implemented.

I’ll add an item in the right click menu. Tip, you can already open in QuickView with MiddleClick, Alt+LeftClick or F8.


If you rename SumatraPDF.exe to Sumatra.PDF.exe
work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, thanks, but i think too that is good idea customize the location of sumatra software, thanks again marko, greetings.



I tried the “rename SumatraPDF.exe” trick.

once you quickview a pdf you see some alphanumeric characters in the quickview panel

then if you click inside the panel, CE temporarily loads the SumatraPDF GUI for a few seconds then reverts to that alphanumeric view.

tested with latest snapshot on WinVista 64bit


Does that happen everytime, even if you don’t click anything?

Currently the panel will automatically close sumatra if you click on some other file. I’ll change that behavior.


yes, the pdf appears for a few seconds once you click on the quickview panel then reverts to alphanumeric characters without any interaction by the user (no other mouse clicks or mouse movements)


Thanks Marko, didn’t know about Mid-click, never use that button though as it’s a little awkward on my mouse :-(



I hope to see a new snapshot with the fix in the weekend


Thanks Marko for the update, Great Job. Eagerly waiting for the next stable release.


Hmm, I have no idea why that happens. Can you time the delay, how long is it exactly?

There’s one timer that terminates SumatraPDF if it wasn’t started properly. That timer has a delay of 5 seconds. Other than that, I have no clue.

Oh and, no snapshot this weekend. I’ve been busy with fixing my apartment so I haven’t had any time to work with CE. Next week looks better.



here’s a video. images speak better than words.


Hmm, I’ll try to replicate the issue.

Thanks for the video. Indeed, images speak better than words.



I am avid user of CE and to say, its an excellent browser and a definite Explorer alternative.

Is it possible to release the portable version without the settings & session files.

I have a common ce-svn folder to which i untar the latest ce portable. After untar, all my settings and session data are over-written and hence, my session info is completely lost.

Thanks in advance for the consideration.


Good point. Not really sure why those files are included. I’ll have to think about if they can be removed. In the meanwhile, you can use the update archive. Here’s the address, just replace the version number:

Btw, why not use CE’s built-in updater or the Version Manager? They work just fine with portable version.


Fantastic program.
Can you add PDF-XChange Viewer in quick view.



I hope to see a snapshot this weekend….



I use CE at my home on network provided to my brother from his office and they have some issues with proxy usage. Basically any sw’s update method won’t work. So sorry, i cant use that method.

Also will the update method from inside CE work for Portable versions.

I will try with the package you have provided and update the status.

Thanks for all the good work you are doing here and for the support.



Yes, updates should work just fine for portable versions.

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