Notes (weeks 45-47) – Developing plugin support

Still suffering from the autumn/winter darkness. This week was ok but last week was useless because I was too tired to do anything. I really should buy a bright light lamp to combat against the lack of light. Hopefully there will be snow soon.

Anyway, I’ve been working with the plugin support. At first I was meaning to add plugin support only for QuickView but decided to do more generic solution. So, eventually it should be possible to add new panels, tabs, buttons…etc. from plugins. This plugin work I’m currently doing is research for CE 2.0. Trying different things to see what works and what doesn’t. Since CE 2.0 is completely build from plugins, it’s essential to get it right.


I wasn’t planning to release a snapshot this week, but since there are few bug fixes available, I though why not.

Change Log

  • Added icons for Toolbars, Panels, Lock Toolbars and Lock Panels.
  • Fixed translation issues.
  • Fixed Rename edit’s font color issue.
  • Fixed "Bring CE to front" bug.
  • Fixed "Ctrl+W closes wrong tab" bug.
  • Removed "Stay on top" from dialogs/forms.
  • Updated French translation. (thanks to BB)
  • Updated Italian translation. (thanks to Folgore101)

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (3.1MB)
Portable (3.6MB)


Always good to have an update thanks Marko.


:lol: like the Plugins tab! Is that a good likeness Marko?


Heh, well I don’t look like that if that’s what you mean. And my display doesn’t have a rear-view mirror… not yet at least.

But there are plenty of d’oh moments :D


Thank you for “Fixed “Ctrl+W closes wrong tab” bug.” !


Marko, I’m a bit puzzled, have you changed your plans? I mean, I thought you were leaving CE1 as is and moving to CE2? Why have you added the Plugins to CE1, is this going to be the prototype or something? Just curious.

I have asked in the forum but you must’ve missed it. Did you want me to keep on with that list or leave it for now? Sorry don’t mean to keep on ;) Just like to help if I can. Still bit short of spare time but can do a little if it’s worth it.


I’m going full steam ahead with CE2. CE1 works as a testbed for new concepts. Since plugins are a new area for me, I need to do as much work with them as possible to understand the concept. Past few weeks have been very educational and I’ve learned a lot.

Oh and yeah, I saw your message, forgot to answer. No need to update the list at this time.


Ok no probs, good luck with the new plugins system :) Let me know if you want any help with that again


:( I’ve been using 1562 for a while now as the newer releases had some seemingly random bug where when I double clicked a file to open it, CE would crash. I’ve just recently upgraded to 1582 and it has been fine this week until I just copied and pasted a couple of files from one folder to another and it has crashed on me.

Back to 1562, I guess. :-)

I’m also very much looking forward to CE2! Hopefully the re-write will flush out any low lying or hard to replicate bugs that are hanging around too!




PS. meant to say that CE just crashes (Not Responsive) and have to kill it, so I don’t have any stack dump or log messages or anything really – just what I remember doing immediately beforehand.


Any chance that CE1.0 will ever support 64 bit? I hate that I can’t right click on files and see the context menu’s for my applications (like 7zip)


Will we be able to make our own plugins? Some sort of plugin api?


Sorry to hear about that. Most of the bugs should be flushed with CE 2.0, I hope. I’ll try to use proper testing procedures from the very beginning so things should be more stable. Current CE is a terrible mess and very annoying to work with.

I know what you mean, it’s annoying. I might look into a workaround to make the 64bit context menu accessible. But proper 64bit version of CE 1.0 is not coming (it’s a huge job to make it happen).

BTW, you can install the 32bit version of 7-zip to have the context menu entries in CE.

Yes, that’s the plan.


Hi @marko,

even with this release(CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)), i still see session & settings file attached in the portable version. This will overwrite the existing ones. Can you remove them from the portable version




Don’t see the problem? Just don’t copy them over!



Just that’s what i did/do. But that’s not what should be done for portable mode. Portable is portable. Extract (over existing one) and start using it.



I know of very few portable apps that do that and its already done with version of CE


@Marko: :-) No worries – I understand all too well the problem of dealing with messy code that you wrote ages ago. I’m still maintaining some horrid VBScript/ASP code that I started writing ten years ago and I’m trying to convince the client to let me re-write the whole thing as a Python/Django web app but that’s probably still a year or two off. Every time a new tweak is required, I dread working on it – annoying is exactly how I’d describe it!


@Marko: Any News about CE 2 ? Need any beta testers? ;)
Can you post some screens or some preview you already have.


Nothing to show yet. I’ll write some notes about the progress at some point.


Very nice job Marko, really appreciate it! :) Finally browser supporting all my needs (tabs, open cmd here, etc…)! Keep rolling ;) Thanks


I’m glkad to see updates past 9.4; after the problems I had with that and Win7 I had to revert to horrible alternatives like QTTabbar and others that just sucked, Keep up the good work!


this snapshot should be promoted to final version.

last stable version is way too old now and inferior to this latest snapshot

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