CubicExplorer is a file manager aimed for basic and advanced users. Its key features are tabs and bookmarks. It also has sessions, filtering, file previews, search and many more features. First version was released in 2006 and it remains to be under active development. Currently it’s a Windows only application but there are plans for cross-platform support.

CubicExplorer is a free and open source application developed with Delphi.


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This is the default look you see after fresh install.

Default look


There are many different view styles to choose from.

Large iconsTiles



QuickView can be used to view images, text and audio/video files.

QuickView and InfoBarQuickView tab


There’s also an internal text editor.

Text editor


File search and filtering helps to locate files.

File searchFilters


You can customize the interface to fit your needs…


Complex interfaceMinimal interface

…and choose from several different themes.



There are lot of options to fine tune the experience.

OptionsTab settings

HotkeysAdvanced settings



Source Code

Help (Wiki)

Support (Forum)