CubicExplorer 0.95.1 installer

License Freeware
Date added 13.3.2012
Size 3.0MB

CubicExplorer 0.95.1 (official)

CubicExplorer SVN (development)



  • Download and run the CubicExplorer installer program.

License agreementDestination folderCreate shortcutsInstall completed

  • Optionally you can use the Portable version. Just download the Zip file and extract it into any folder you like. Run the CubicExplorer.exe file.



  • If you installed CubicExplorer using installer, then run the Uninstall program to remove it.

Launch UninstallerUninstallUninstallation completed

  • If you are using the Portable version, then just delete the CubicExplorer folder.

    NOTICE!!! If you have registered portable CubicExplorer as the Default File Manager, make sure to Unregister it before deleting CubicExplorer.


  • You can update by using the installer. Just install CubicExplorer in the same folder as previous version. There is no need to uninstall previous version.
  • You can also use the build in update feature. Click Help -> Check For Updates to see if new updates are available.

Check for updatesUpdate foundBegin updateRestart CubicExplorer

  • You can enable automatic check for updates from Tools -> Options -> General -> Updates.

Automatic update check

  • It’s also possible to switch between versions by using the Version Manager.

Version Manager


CubicExplorer SVN (development snapshots)

SVN snapshots are released regularly. They include latest bug fixes and features. On the other hand, they also can introduce new bugs but generally they can be considered stable. SVN snapshots are meant for daily use. Information about new snapshots can be found in the front page where they are published.

  • You can enable version check for snapshots from Update options.

Update check for Snapshots

  • You can also use the Version Manager to switch between snapshots.


What gets installed

  • CubicExplorer is a registry free application, it does not write to registry. Only exception is the optional “Register as default file manager” feature.
  • By default, CubicExplorer does not connect to the internet. If you use the built-in update feature, CubicExplorer will download the necessary files needed for the update. No information from the user’s system is sent.
  • NOTICE! In case of crash, there is a build-in bug reporting system which will include some system information and a screenshot. Sending those bug reports is completely optional, nothing is send automatically. You can also exclude the screenshot and/or edit the information included in the report.

Setting files

All settings are saved in setting files. The location of these setting files depend on what Windows version you are using and whether you used the Installer or Portable version of CubicExplorer.

You can change the location of setting files by editing the settings.path file which can be found from the installation folder. Here are the default locations:

Windows 2000/XP
C:\Documents and Settings\*****\Application Data\CubicExplorer

Windows Vista/Win7 32/64bit

Portable CubicExplorer
Settings are saved in the same folder where CubicExplorer.exe is.