Notes (week 25) – Checkboxes

June 24th, 2011

Little short week as there were some other engagements taking time. I did however manage to get something done. I’ve kept working with CubicTodo but also started to work with CE. To kick off version 0.95 development, next major feature will be Version Manager. I created a base for it and hopefully it will be available in next week’s snapshot. Currently I have 4 CE installations in different machines and it’s always a pain to update. With the Version Manager, updating should be much simpler. Also it allows easy switching between versions which is good for testing.

Version Manager

For this week’s snapshot I’ve fixed some bugs and added “Open in new tab” to all right click menus. I also added “Checkbox Selection”. Didn’t have time to do much testing so let me know how it works.

Open in new tabcheckbox_selection

Happy Midsummer or “Hyvää Juhannusta” as we say here in Finland!

Change Log

  • Added "Open in new tab" to all Right click menus.
  • Added "Checkbox Selection".
  • Possible fix to crash when right clicking on Fileview background.
  • Fixed crash when changing theme after File Search has been open.
  • Fixed bug with "Empty Folder" text when ThrededEnumeration used.
  • Fixed rename issue when going back in history.
  • Fixed crash when selecting search tab.
  • Updated Swedish translation (thanks to eson)
  • Updated German translation (thanks to nefycee)
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB)
  • Updated Slovak translation (thanks to Sepp Winkler)

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.4MB)
Portable (2.7MB)

Notes (week 24) – CubicTodo

June 18th, 2011

No snapshot this week. I’ve been working with CubicTodo whole week. As I mentioned last week, it’s a task manager I’m creating to help manage CE’s bugs/requests. I decided to use CE as base for it. It was actually very helpful to strip CE down to it’s basics. I now have much better understanding on how CE actually works and how to make it better. After I removed all file manager related stuff, I ended up with an application framework that has nice built-in support for tabs, panels, customizable toolbars… etc. 


Stripping CE only took 1 day. Rest of the week I spend in filling the blanks. I’ll keep working with CubicTodo next week but I’ll also do some work with CE so there should be snapshot coming on Friday.


Notes (week 23) – 0.94 official

June 10th, 2011

Little bit fine tuning this week. Fixed some bugs and added few new settings. In Advanced settings you’ll now find FontSize and LineHeight for Panels, FileView and FileSearch. Actually, FileView doesn’t have LineHeight, you can control the item size in the CellSizes setting. I also added “Open in new tab” to the right click menu.


I’ll make this build to be the new “official” download. There’s still some bugs left but we can fix them later. My plan is to release these “official” snapshots more often, maybe every few months or so.

Next week I’ll be working with TodoManager. It’s a little program that I’ll be using to interact with the bug tracker. I never liked the idea of using web site as a bug tracker, mainly because it’s awkward and slow in use. With this program I’m hoping to make CE development more managed and not so chaotic. It should help me plan my work weeks better and at the same time, create more detailed roadmaps.

Change Log

  • Added FontSize Advanced setting to all Panels, Fileview and FileSearch.
  • Added LineHeight Advanced setting to all Panels and FileSearch.
  • Added “Open in new tab” in Right click menu.
  • Fixed Ctrl/Shift selection when SingleClickBrowse/Execute used.
  • Fixed jumping issue when dbl clicking on SingleClickBrowse mode.
  • Fixed “Select previous folder” when dbl clicking.
  • Fixed CenterOnExpand in FolderPanel
  • Usability fix in “Save Session” and “Save Stack” dialogs.
  • Fine tuned CenterOnBrowse in FolderPanel
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB).
  • Updated German translation (thanks to nefycee).
  • Updated Blue Line theme (thanks to sl23).
  • Added gBW theme (thanks to g..).
  • Added OldDays theme (thanks to badloginname).
  • Added Deviant Dark theme (thanks to nefycee).

***UPDATE*** 11.6.2011 12:03
There was a bug that prevented one from saving Stacks. I fixed this issue and updated the files below. If you don’t want to update, you can fix it by manually creating Stacks folder in the install directory.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.4MB)
Portable (2.7MB)

CubicExplorer 0.94 (Official)
Installer (2.4MB)
Portable (2.7MB)

Notes (week 22) – 0.94 snapshot

June 3rd, 2011

Here’s the 0.94 snapshot. Since I made quite a few changes this week, I’ll wait few days before updating the official download to this version. This weeks build has quite a random set of changes. I’ve fixed some bugs and added few new settings. I also added /f command line switch for opening files in CE. Also the browse buttons in multimedia keyboards and mouse should now work.

Let me know if there are any major issues so I can fix them before updating the official download.

Stack settingsFolder tree centering

Change Log

  • Added CenterOnBrowse and CenterOnExpand options to Folders (Options -> Advanced -> FolderPanel)
  • Added /f command line switch for opening files in CE.
  • Added AutoExpand, AutoCollapse and FullExpandOnLoad options to Stack.
  • Added On Startup settings to Stack (Options -> Display -> Stack).
  • File operations now happen in background (Vista/Win7).
  • Fixed bug that made CE go behind previous window after Delete.
  • Fixed SingleClickExecute issue when dragging files.
  • Fixed Background menu bug on Small Icons and List view styles.
  • Fixed translation issues.
  • Fixed "Continue from last time" session.
  • Updated French translation

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.4MB)
Portable (2.7MB)

Notes (week 21) – Busy week

May 27th, 2011

Not really a snap worthy week but here’s one anyway. I had some other things to do this week so there wasn’t much time to work with CE. The little time there was I spent in trying to fix the text input component used in the Text Filter button/field. It turned out to be quite a bit more complicated than I thought and I’ll need to leave it like it is for now. I’ll rewrite it on a better time when I can fully concentrate on it.

There’s really only 2 new things in this release. I fixed the auto scrolling in folder tree and added ArrowBrowse to FileView. Arrow Browse enables you to go folder up with Left arrow and open folder or launch file with Right arrow. It only works in Details view mode and can be turned off from Advanced settings.


Oh, and there’s a new theme included called Blue Line (thanks to sl23).

Change Log

  • Added ArrowBrowse option (Options -> Advanced -> FileView -> ArrowBrowse).
  • Added Options page for Stack (still empty).
  • Added Blue Line theme.
  • Fixed Folder tree auto scrolling.
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB).
  • Updated German translation (thanks to nefycee).

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.4MB)
Zip (2.7MB)

Notes (week 20) – Random changes

May 21st, 2011

Not much happened this week. I had some other things to do so there wasn’t much time to work with CE. I did some random bug fixes and changes. Also I worked with the Text Filter button/field which took most of the time. It’s still a work in progress and quite buggy.

Cell Sizes settingsStack group popup menu

I was planning to do the performance tweak to Bookmarks for 0.94 version but I’m not sure about that anymore. I took a look at it and it turned out to be little bigger job than I thought (bookmark menu and toolbar needs some work also). I want to get the official 0.94 version out as soon as possible but then again, does one or two extra week hurt? I don’t know, what do you guys think?

In any case, I’m not going to add any new (major) features until 0.94 official is out. Only bug fixes and polishing.

Change Log

  • Added CellSizes option for FileView (Options->Advanced->FileView->CellSizes).
  • Added "Create Symbolic Link" to Edit menu.
  • Added popup menu to Stack groups.
  • Added "Remove from Stack" button to Stack’s toolbar.
  • Redesigning Text Filter button/field (still buggy).
  • Fixed translation issues.
  • Fixed "Auto Save" in Stack when clearing list or removing items.
  • Fixed Folder tree auto scrolling.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Updated German translation.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.4MB)
Zip (2.7MB)

Notes (week 19) – Stack redesign

May 15th, 2011

I redesigned the way Stack works internally. The old way had pretty bad performance issues when having lot’s of items in the Stack. The current way seems to be very fast. I tested to save a Stack with 10000 items in it. It took about 100ms to load that Stack compared to several minutes it would have taken in the old Stack. I am going to do the same treatment to Bookmarks.

Stack performance

The Stack rewrite took most of the week. I did however do some random tweaks and fixes here and there. The Text Filter item now has a Clear button in it. Also I added “Clear Filters” button in the Customizer.

Clear button Clear Filters button

Change Log

  • Added "Clear Filters" button to Customizer.
  • Added Clear button to "Text Filter" toolbar item.
  • Added translation and theme support to "Create Symbolic Link" dialog.
  • Renaming file/folder now renames Stack item
  • Redesigned Stack for better performance.
  • Fixed translation issues.
  • Fixed column header popup bug in multi screen environment.
  • Fixed Size column bug when using Text format.
  • Fixed Junction jumping to target folder.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Updated German translation.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.4MB)
Zip (2.7MB)

Notes (week 18) – Tweaking Stack and filters

May 6th, 2011

I finished adding Load/Save support to Stack. It’s using files that have .stk extension. These files are stored in Stacks folder. In the Stack panel, I added a toolbar for easy access. There’s still some work to do (delete won’t remove items from stack etc.) but it’s starting to look nice. I also added a Text Filter items in Customizer and Filters popup menu.

NOTICE: I had to rename the Filters popup menu so it will disappear if you have added it in your toolbars. Please add it again.

Stack Open/SaveFilters popup menuText filter itemFile size format setting

I changed the version number to better reflect the progress. I think we can soon release official 0.94 version to replace the current 0.90 version which is pretty buggy compared to current snapshot.

Change Log

  • Added Open/Save to Stack
  • Added File Size Format option to FileView (Options->Display->Fileview).
  • Added Text Filter toolbar item to Customizer.
  • Added "Remove from Stack" item to Stack’s right click menu.
  • Added "Allow Move" button to Stack toolbar.
  • Fixed translation issues.
  • Updated German translation
  • Updated French translation.
  • Changed version number to 0.94

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.4MB)
Zip (2.7MB)

Notes (week 17) – Site update and Filters menu

April 29th, 2011

On Sunday I happened to google cubicexplorer. I noticed that the result I got for this site had spam in it. After quick research it turned out that this site was infected by “Pharma Hack”. I’ve been using old WordPress version for quite a long time (yes, I know it’s a big NO NO). Since this is quite customized WP install, I have been too lazy to update as it’s not very fast job. Well, now everything is updated and it “only” took 3 days to do so. Future updates should be simpler, I hope. Unfortunately the comment drop down isn’t working anymore, I see if I make it work again at some point.


Despite the unexpected work load, I managed to do little work with CE, mainly some bug fixes here and there. I was planning to finish the Stack job this week but had to move it for next week. I did however add "Safe Operations Only" setting (in right click menu) and made it so that items are removed after Move operation. All these things are still at experimental level and I haven’t done much testing so play safe.

Another small thing I added was a toolbar button for quick access to filters (you can find it in Customizer –> Buttons –> Filters –> Filters). I’ll be adding an item for text filter also.


Change Log

  • Added Filters toolbar item (Customizer –> Buttons –> Filters –> Filters).
  • Added Safe Operations Only setting to Stacks (right click on Stack panel background).
  • Items are now removed from stack after Move operation.
  • Fixed separator bugs.
  • Fixed usability bug in Advanced Options.
  • Fixed crash caused by empty session.xml file.
  • Fixed crash in Folder tree when renaming folder.
  • Fixed translation issues.
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated Norwegian translation

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.3MB)
Zip (2.6MB)

Notes (week 16) – Stack

April 22nd, 2011

Most of this week has gone into rewriting the Drop Stack panel. It’s still a work in progress so use it carefully. I changed it’s name to just Stack because eventually you can add items to it in other ways also. I also wrote some code to save/load stacks but couldn’t finish it in time, I’ll continue the work next week. At the moment only files/folders are supported in Stack but I was thinking of adding support for other drag/clipboard formats (for example, you could drag images/text from browser to Stack).

I also added a way to add session items to bookmarks.

New Stack panelSession bookmark item

PS. I haven’t tested the Stack in XP at all so there might be some issues, not sure. I’ll try to remember to run some tests (and fix the “Entry Point Not Found” bug) next week.

Change Log

  • Rewrote Drop Stack panel (renamed it to Stack).
  • Rewrote SingleClickBrowse support.
  • Added Session item to Bookmarks.
  • Added Advanced option "ShowOpenAllAtTop" to bookmarks menu.
  • Added SingleClickExecute setting (Options –> Advanced –> FileView –> SingleClickExecute).
  • Added icon for Stack panel.
  • Fixed double click issue with Dynamic Spacers in TabBar.
  • Fixed translation bug.
  • Updated German translation.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.3MB)
Zip (2.6MB)