Notes (weeks 42-53) – Resting and planning future

December 31st, 2009

So, I’ve been resting for the past few months. Reason for that is a burnout I had some years ago which still effects my ability to work. It gets worse at this time every year due to "Seasonal affective disorder". Anyway, this break has had some positive side-effects. I’ve had much time to think about the future of CE and other projects related to CubicReality.

The current state of CE is pretty awful. It’s filled with bugs and unfinished features. Also my motivation level to code it has gone down quite a bit lately. To solve those issues, I’ve decided to do some major changes in my life. The only way to ensure CubicExplorer’s future and quality is to make it my full-time job and run it like a business. CE will however stay free so no worries. In some distant future there might be an optional registration, not sure yet.

CubicReality Software office

I’ve already built a nice office and I’m looking forward to start work next week.

Happy New Year everyone! – Marko

Notes (week 35-41) – Break and new search engine

October 10th, 2009

So, I took little break which happens every fall. I’ve had some other stuff I needed to take care of and also I needed some time to rest. This week I started to work with CE again. I rewrote the search feature from scratch. It now has a new more powerful engine and lot’s of advanced search options including content search. I haven’t done much testing yet so there might be some bugs left.


Next I will finish the DualView implementation. I haven’t yet checked the forum but I’ll go through all posts next week.

*UPDATED 18.11.2009*

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.2MB)
Zip (2.5MB)

Notes (week 34) – Physical work for a change

August 24th, 2009

Very little progress on CE this week. I started the change to separate tabs from pages which means tearing down some old code and writing some new. Most of the week however has gone in helping my sister to move. We painted her new apartment and the actual move was yesterday. A lot of stuff was moved and the biggest one was piano which we had to carry from 3. floor down. I guess I still have some muscles since pretty much every place is hurting now.

Anyway, next weeks schedule is almost clear and I have the opportunity to work with CE. I’ll check out the forum tomorrow. It seems there has been some spam posts lately. To all forum users, if you see spam, hit the Report to moderator link.

Notes (week 33) – SVN Snapshot

August 14th, 2009

Nice progress this week, however DualView is not yet available in this build. I made some changes to the layout system which took quite a lot of time. Yesterday I started to work with DualView but got stuck because I didn’t have clear vision on how I should make it happen. So far all pages (FileView, TextEditor, FileSearch and QuickView) have been “living” in tabs. That made things difficult when you need to access 2 pages at the same time. So I went to sleep thinking about it and in the morning woke up with an idea on how to solve that problem.

Basically I will be (actually I already wrote most of it today) creating a generic way to control pages. This should be quite flexible system which means it won’t be limited to just DualView. With it, there can be unlimited number of panes and other elements grouped into one view. It’ll be available next week.

About today’s snapshot, I added options to control what get’s saved with different tab types. Until now, everything was saved which made it annoying to customize the UI because you would have to do the same changes to all tab types. I’ve also added options to enable/disable some threaded functions in the FileView. All these can be found in Option dialog’s Advanced page. Also there is a new theme shipping called Shine thanks to badloginname from the forum.


Change Log

  • Added RememberInnerToolbarLayout, RememberOuterToolbarLayout, RememberPanelLayout  Options.
  • Added ThreadedDetails, ThreadedEnumeration, ThreadedImages options.
  • Added theme Shine.
  • Updated 3rd party components code.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.2MB)
Zip (2.5MB)

Notes (week 32) – Back to work

August 8th, 2009

So, I had my much needed vacation. Nothing special, just chilling. Taking a break helped a lot and there has been some nice progress this week. I finished the changes to the layout system which came out quite nice. I still might add one extra option in it but nothing major. So next week I can start working with the DualView and finish the job.


Anyway, I was thinking of releasing a snapshot today but I’m not going to do that because the current CE build is just too buggy and there aren’t any noticeable changes. Next week there definitely will be a snapshot release.

Notes (week 29 – 31) – Vacation

July 17th, 2009

So, this week was a disaster and I’m starting to get that same feeling as I had last year before the meltdown. I decided to take few weeks off to build up strength. I’m still checking the forum and email but there wont be any progress on CE until august.

Until then, have a nice summer :)

Notes (week 28) – Slow progress

July 12th, 2009

It’s been quite unproductive week. The DualView is pretty much a mess at the moment and I’ll have to take few steps backwards and rewrite some code. The problem lies in the layout system which is designed to handle only one pane and a single active tab. So I’ll need to do some changes on how layouts are saved and loaded. As a side product to those changes, I will be adding options to lock toolbars and panels.

Another problem I’ve been having is my motivation level which was pretty much zero this week. Due to my programming style, pretty much all ideas and how things should work exist only in my head. If the motivation level is high, that vision is clear. This week however, it’s been just a blur. To boost up motivation, I started to play around with QuickView related stuff. Here’s the result:


Basically, I coded a framework for plugins that can be used to add more viewers in QuickView. It works very nicely and I’m looking forward to implement it in CE. This has indeed boosted my motivation level so I’m hoping to finish the work with DualView by the end of next week.

Notes (week 27) – DualView development

July 4th, 2009

First I’d like to thanks everyone who left a comment or sent me an email regarding of Mr.Cat. Much appreciated :) .

This week I’ve worked in implementing the DualView host into CE. As I feared, it’s quite a big and messy job. Because CE was developed to have only single file view, there are a lot of core functions I need to change to make everything work. That makes things quite difficult because changing some of the core functions might have side effects for many different features. But slowly things are moving forward.


At the moment CE is pretty much useless and filled with bugs so I won’t be releasing snapshot this week. Hopefully by the end of next week I have tied all the loose ends.

Notes (week 26) – R.I.P. Mr.Cat

June 27th, 2009

It’s been a bit sad week for me. On Monday I had to put my cat (the unofficial mascot of CubicReality) to sleep. He was about 18 years old and had been living with me for 17 years. For the past few weeks he had been sick and was in pain so there was no reason to prolong the inevitable. It’s a tuff decision to make as some of you may know. After all, he was an equal family member.


Obviously that has affected on the progress of CE since my mind is somewhere else. However, I have managed to create the foundation for DualView. Next step is to implement it in CE. I’m hoping to get that done within next week. There will be a toolbar between panes (you will be able to hide it). Also there will be switch for horizontal and vertical panes.

DualView-development DualView-development-2

Notes (week 25) – Happy Midsummer!

June 19th, 2009

Here’s a fresh snapshot. This week wasn’t too productive but I did get some things done. The biggest change is filtering with text patterns, you can find it in the Filters Panel. There’s currently 2 modes available, normal and strict. Normal mode filters out any file/folder that does not contain the specific text. Strict mode allows you to use * and ? wildcards to make more advanced filtering. At some point there will be also support for regular expressions.


Next week I’ll start to work with the DualView. I decided to use a simple tab indicator approach to make it. I received lots of great ideas and feedback from you guys about how it should be done. Thanks to everyone :) . I know that the upcoming DualView implementation will not satisfy everyone, I’m not even sure I like it. However, it’s a good starting point.

Happy Midsummer to everyone! Hyvää Juhannusta!


Change Log

  • Added text pattern filter.
  • Added option to close CE when last tab is closed.
  • DriveBar now uses Alt+LeftClick to open in new tab.
  • Updated Polish translation.
  • Fixed Lower/Upper case bug when renaming folders.
  • Removed "Load this session at startup" from Session Manager.

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.2MB)
Zip (2.5MB)