Notes (weeks 29-34) – CubicCore assembly

August 26th, 2012

I took a little break on the notes and from the forum. For the past month I’ve been writing the new UI/application framework I talked about in the last note. There has been nice progress and I already have some working code ready. Thanks to the proper planning/designing (talked in last note), writing the code has been pretty easy and all the pieces fall into their places by themselves. I just need to remember not to rush things and think before writing anything.

CubicCore Assembly IDE

The reason I have taken some distance to the forum is because it’s like a wrecking ball that breaks down the plans and ideas I have in my mind. If only our minds could be upgraded similar to computer, more RAM would be the first item on my shopping list. Currently all the variables needed for this UI system are loaded into my memory. Now, if I start to solve CE’s bugs and think about new features for it, my memory gets filled with unrelated information making it more difficult to work with the current project. Maybe someday it becomes possible to load/save the state of our minds, it sure would be a useful feature. But until that happens, I’ll need to keep my distance to distracting things and work with only one project at a time.

This thing I’m writing right now will be the base for CubicExplorer 2.0. There’s still a long way to go but it’s worth the journey. There’s really no point in using much time with the current CE version because it just delays the inevitable. CE 2.0 will be a complete rewrite, meaning most of the work I do with CE 1.0 becomes obsolete. However, there are some bugs that need to be fixed, and a new official version should be released.

Notes (weeks 20-22) – FileView settings

June 1st, 2012

Let’s see, I spent last week in learning UML and sketching the new item system. I’ve tried to learn UML before but for some reason it’s difficult. The reason why it’s so difficult is probably because there aren’t many sources that explains it well. Maybe I should buy a book or something. Anyway, I found this site which explains the basics of different UML diagrams pretty well. I also (finally) found a nice program that let’s you draw diagrams easily but still has a powerful set of features, Visual Paradigm. It’s a commercial product but they offer a free community version that fits just fine for my needs.

Item system sketch

This week I did some work with CE. Quite random stuff, still having troubles in concentration. Biggest things added are Extension colors and Thumbnail caching. Extension colors mean that you can assign different font styles/colors to different file types.

Extension colors

Thumbnail caching saves thumbnails and loads them from the cache next time you visit the folder. It speeds up browsing quite a bit. By default, thumbnails are saved in the settings folder. You can change the location of that folder (StorageRepositoryFolder) or choose to save per folder (StorageType) from Advanced settings: FileView -> Thumbnails.

Remember thumbnailsThumbnail settings

I also added options to change the font and background color of the FileView. The FontSize setting is now removed so if you are using custom font size, you need to change it again. The line height is now calculated automatically depending on the font. Notice, this happens only if the height setting in Advanced -> FileView -> CellSizes is -1. I’ll have to add similar font and background color options to the panels also.

Fileview display settings

Oh and, the list of Advanced Settings is now fully collapsed at opening. There’s so many options that it began to be a bit difficult to find things in there. The category should expand on a single click but at the moment it doesn’t, I’ll see if I can fix that. In the mean while, you can use double click to expand/collapse categories, or just click on the + sign.

Change Log

  • Added Extension Color settings for FileView.
  • Added Thumbnail settings for FileView.
  • Added Font and Background color options for Fileview.
  • Added Zip browsing options to Fileview and Folders.
  • Added FullRowContextMenu advanced option to FileView.
  • Fixed SelectPreviousFolder bugs.
  • Fixed "QuickView crashes on file end" bug.
  • Fixed "CE won’t show when opening bookmark from tray" bug.
  • Fixed resize bug in FilmStrip view style.
  • Fixed "Selection and scroll position lost on Refresh".
  • Fixed possible crash on exit.
  • Fixed "Address bar won’t open unicode path" bug.
  • Fixed "Won’t restore when minimized" bug.
  • Updated Italian translation (thanks to Folgore101).
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB).
  • Updated Slovak translation (thanks to Sepp Winkler).

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (3.1MB)
Portable (3.6MB)

Notes (weeks 18-19) – Per folder settings and Workspace

May 12th, 2012

It’s been quite random two weeks. It’s probably the spring that makes it difficult to concentrate. Last week I started to work with the plugin scheme. It’s part of the CubicCore project so I didn’t hurry with it. Lot’s of time went in research to find out what is the best way to do things so it works cross platform and cross language. There’s still a lot to learn but I managed to write some code that can be implemented in CE. I didn’t have time to implement it yet, maybe next week.

For the past few days I’ve done lot’s of random changes. There’s now a Workspace panel which basically is another FileView. Until we have a proper dual/multi pane support, this panel can be used. I wrote it just yesterday so there is very little testing done, let me know if you find bugs or have ideas for improvement.


I also added support for per folder settings. It’s part of the component set I’m using so I don’t if it has some performance penalties. It’s disabled by default but you can enable it from Options -> Display -> FileView -> Use per folder settings. All those settings are stored in a perfolder.dat file located in the settings folder. Let me know how it works.

Oh, and you can now access bookmarks by right clicking the Tray Icon.

Per folder settingsTray icon bookmarks


Change Log (

  • Added Workspace panel.
  • Added Per folder settings to FileView.
  • Added Bookmarks to Tray icon.
  • Added Panels popup menu.
  • Added Make Visible action.
  • Added AlwaysSaveAsPIDL advanced option to Bookmarks.
  • It’s now possible to open links from the text editor.
  • Esc now closes Text Editor. It can be disabled from Advanced settings.
  • Unknown files are now opened in Text Editor by default.
  • Fixed focus and usability issues in Text editor’s Find and Replace.
  • Fixed issues in tab bar.
  • Fixed translation bugs.
  • Fixed Alt key bug in Options dialogs.
  • Fixed Alt+Click issue in FileView’s Single click mode.
  • Fixed memory leak and dialog visibility issue in Version Manager.
  • Fixed crashes in QuickView’s image viewer.
  • Fixed bug in text file preview.
  • Misc changes to fix possible crashes.
  • Fixed bug when closing detached QuickView.
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB).
  • Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Benok).
  • Updated Italian translation (thanks to Folgore101).


****** EDIT – 14.5.2012 ******
There was one nasty bug that caused all sort of weird behavior in last snapshot. So here’s an update with bunch of fixes and few new advanced settings.

Change Log (

  • Added advanced options HideComputerCrumb, HideDesktopCrumb and MaxCrumbSize for Breadcrumb.
  • Added OpenOnFilelistSelect and OpenOnPlaylistSelect advanced options to QuickView.
  • Added MainForm->Wow64Enabled advanced setting.
  • Double click on tray now works correctly.
  • Enter now opens file in QuickView’s file/playlist.
  • Text editor is now focused when file is opened.
  • Shift+Enter now searches backward in Text Editor.
  • Fixed "CE clicks mouse" bug.
  • Small speed improvement to Bookmarks.
  • Fixed bug that opens tab when Alt+Left dragging file/folder.
  • Fixed "Select first item" issue with Per folder settings.
  • Fixed tab closing issues.
  • Fixed drawing issues in text file preview.
  • Updated Polish translation (thanks to Seethi).

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (3.1MB)
Portable (3.6MB)

Notes (weeks 5-6) – Filter enhancements

February 10th, 2012

Good progress on CubicCore/CE 2.0. I’ve started to build the base structure for the application itself. ServiceHost and two services, MessageHub and Jobs (threaded tasks) are ready. I still need to go over the code and figure out if there are some limitations in the design. After that I’ll move on to Components and Setting storage. It’s been really fun to code this stuff, enjoying every minute.

There’s some progress in CE 1.0 too. Mainly I rewrote some of the filtering stuff. Now it updates the extension list and file counts when using text filter. I also fixed few bugs and added confirmation prompt on Close if there’s any dialogs found. Oh, and there’s now a “Restore Default Layout” button in Help menu and Options -> Display. It only restores toolbar and panel positions, it does not restore toolbar buttons.

Closing promptRestore Default Layout

Last week I made it so that CE changes the CurrentDirectory to active folder. This caused a “Folder in use” problem when trying to delete a folder that is open in CE. There’s now an advanced option MainForm -> ChangeCurrentDirVar to let you control this behaviour. It’s disabled by default. If you don’t need it or don’t know what I’m talking about, just leave it like that.

Change Log

  • Added "OpenInNewTab" advanced option for DriveBar.
  • Added icon for InfoBar.
  • Added confirmation prompt if open dialogs are found when quitting CE.
  • Added "Restore Default Layout" button to Help menu and Options->Display.
  • Added "New Folder" to the background menu.
  • Added advanced option MainForm -> ChangeCurrentDirVar.
  • Added Exclude to Filters menu.
  • Added Exclude and Strict filter buttons to Customizer.
  • Fixed background text bug when file/folder is added in empty folder.
  • Filter list now updated file counts when text filter is used.
  • Changed Text editor default title from "Untitled" to "New text file".
  • Auto scrolls now after paste.
  • Pressing Enter or selecting "Open in new tab" from context menu will now open multiple folders.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Luciano Sturaro).
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks to sergus).

CubicExplorer (SVN Snapshot)
Installer (2.9MB)
Portable (3.4MB)